Warren and Jary Lynn Storm Prayer Letter: God Blessed in 2022God Gives the Increase

In 2022, God enabled us to travel 11,281 miles, helping 97 churches. We helped the mechanics fix 183 buses, 31 of which had been off the road. Also, several buses were fixed over the phone; we use video calls to pinpoint the problem. We are thankful for the churches that fuel us up, with the prices rising these days. Forty-three souls trusted Christ through personal soul winning. God did the saving! We are just a dirty wrench in God’s hand.

God Answered!

God heard and answered our prayers for a newer utility truck. We are truly grateful for all your prayers and special love offerings, which enabled us to pay cash for the truck. We had prayed that I would be able to witness to the owner of the dealership. God not only saved the owner, but also his brother and his limousine driver. It seemed like the more delays and complications in the process along the way, the more souls that were putting their trust in Jesus as their Saviour. Together, God allowed me to win 12 precious souls to the Lord Jesus—the 3 at the dealership, 3 hotel clerks, 2 hotel housekeepers, 3 at the hotel breakfasts, and 1 attendant at a Welcome Center. Our praises to our God!

Graduation Day!

My convert Rick graduated to Heaven! Years ago when we lived on Ellsworth Street, I had the blessing of leading my next-door neighbor Rick to trust the Lord as his Saviour. He was a Vietnam veteran, and he came to First Baptist Church on our Veterans Sunday and got baptized. He had been on oxygen for several years, and on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, he had a heart attack. On Thursday, Rick graduated to Heaven. God said, “Come on Home, Rick! Your pain is gone, and you are whole again.”

Freightliner Bus Problem

Several churches are having problems with their Freightliner buses not starting. We found that the problem is in the battery cables. There is corrosion under the insulation, and it needs to be cut out at the cable ends and all cleaned up. If you have this problem, please give me a call at 219-689-0011, and I can walk you through the procedure. They have corrosion 100% of the time.

We are grateful for your prayers, your support, and your love gifts over the years. Your Bus Ministries are so needed to reach your areas for Christ. Our prayers are with you.

Please Pray . . .

(1) For the bus mechanic missionaries who are stepping up.

(2) That we can see more bus parents trust Christ and help the churches reach the bus families.

(3) For our health and safety.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm