Warren and Jary Lynn Storm:  God's BlessingsGod’s Blessings

In Montana, we had the joy of visiting our first great-grandbaby, Bridger Kole, born this March to his parents, Darrin and Lauren Highfill II. Then while we were in Belt, Montana, we visited our son Darrin and Beth Highfill and their family. We visited our son Dave and Kelley Highfill and their family in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and we were blessed to attend Dave’s promotion ceremony at the Peterson Space Force Base. Our 20th wedding anniversary was on August 24, 2022. Twenty years have just flown by! I turned 72 on September 20. We are so blessed! God has been so good to us.

We stopped at a truck stop for a bite to eat. Aubry, the night security guard, directed us to a spot where we could park long enough to get our food. I thanked him and gave him a tract. He wasn’t sure he was going to Heaven, so I took him through the Gospel. He got it settled, and he trusted Jesus as his Saviour. Then he told me that when he was young, he had been a bus kid in a local Baptist church. We come across more former bus kids. After our trip, we gave a tract to the lady at our post office. She smiled and said, “Thank you! Many years ago, my children rode your church bus to your Sunday school.” The Bus Ministry is one of the most important ministries a church can have!

Churches Out West

By faith, we left on our trip out West. I wasn’t sure if my sciatic nerve would allow me to make the trip. As we prayed, God helped me, and I found a solution for it. In August and September, we were able travel a total of 2,805 miles, helping 15 churches. I had the honor of preaching 11 times. Through personal soul winning, we saw 7 souls trust the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour. We helped the church mechanics fix 27 buses, putting 5 back on the road that were not working. We praise the Lord for his guidance and provision. The fuel cost was roughly $2,000. We thank the Lord for supporting churches and for churches who help with the fuel. When our utility-truck radiator broke and had to be replaced, Heritage Baptist Church in Great Falls, Montana, took care of our bill. The electrical inverter on our motor home went out, and I was able to replace it. We are so thankful that God cares for us, and He provides for our every need.

Buses Repaired

A church was getting ready to scrap one of their buses. It had several little problems and two bad injectors. We were able to fix the little problems and also replace the two bad injectors. While inspecting one bus, I found a leaking rear-axle seal. I took the rear wheels and the brakes off and replaced the seal and then cleaned it all up. We repaired or replaced many taillights and marker lights, and we repaired seat covers.

If you have questions about the new CDL regulations or you have any bus needs or questions, please call me at 219-689-0011. We are here to be a blessing to you. We are very grateful for your prayers and support.

Prayer Requests

First, pray that God will help us win more souls to Christ. Second, pray for more Bus Ministries to be started and that the churches will reach more bus kids and their families for Christ. May God help us make up the hedge and stand in the gap! (Ezekiel 22:30) Third, pray that CDL drivers, bus workers, and mechanics will step up and “stand in the gap.” Fourth, pray for a utility truck to replace our old one.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm