Walter Poole Prayer Letter:  We Are Planting the Word of God . . . in the Rainy SeasonGreetings to all of you from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This is the rainy season, when farmers start planting the rice fields. We also are planting—the Word of God. By God’s grace, we have been reaping as well, and that is fruit to your account. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Recently our family spent some time with one of our church families that had moved to another province. This was our third visit since they moved, and each time we have come with a purpose. There is no good church nearby, and ultimately, we want to establish a church, with this family as the nucleus. The oldest daughter was saved on this trip, so now the whole family is trusting Christ. Pray for them to have a good testimony among neighbors and unsaved family members.

Excited teens make a difference! Seyha is a young man who has lived in an orphanage most of his life. He was saved in our church, and since then, his enthusiasm has added a lot to our services. In addition, he has encouraged several other orphanage boys to join with us on Sundays and Thursdays. He will be leaving the orphanage after some time, and he will be free to go where he wants. Please pray that he will do God’s will for his life.

Piphop means “world,” and that is the name of a young girl who attends our church. My wife found her while soul winning. After several visits, we were able to lead Piphop’s mother to trust the Saviour. On our last visit, we were surprised to see a man in the house. This dear lady has two children, each from a different man. This current man will soon become husband number three. We witnessed to the man, and although he politely listened, he did not make a decision. Please pray that he will not interfere with her growing faith.

This same lady expressed to my wife that as the oldest child, she would be expected to can touk, which is “the burning of incense to her deceased mother.” The Cambodian Buddhist culture puts an extremely high priority on obeying your parents. Many Cambodians revile Christians for what they “perceive” as a lack of respect for the ones who “created” them. They know that Christians generally prohibit the burning of incense as an act of worship to parents. This puts Piphop’s mother in an awkward position. Who wants to be accused of disrespecting the ones who gave them life? New Christians have complicated lives, especially first-generation Christians. Salvation is easy; living the life is not.

Srey Ca and her cousins remind me so much of my time as a bus worker in Chicago. Srey Ca has moved at least six times in the past year. They have never informed us about the time or location of their next move. We’ve just showed up at the door on Sunday morning and found an empty room. Without fail, however, we run into them playing in the street or walking to the neighborhood school. Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world!

Besides Piphop’s mother, 18 others have received Christ since the beginning of 2018. Most of this group received Christ while we were out soul winning and have not yet come to church (although we have had 35 new visitors since January), but we are prepared to baptize when they do come! Stay posted for future good news.


Walter, Suni, Joseph, and Jerusha