Walter Poole Prayer Letter:  Recent Trip to IndiaOnce again it is our pleasure to write about God’s wondrous works in our life and ministry. Your support and prayers make this possible.


Over the last several years, we have frequently asked you to pray about our need for a better church location and facility. We finally found a place far more suitable. Now even middle-class people will feel at home. Perhaps the best feature is that we can have our own baptisms on site. Previously we had to use another church’s baptistery, which limited us greatly.


Not long after our first service, we baptized one of our most faithful teen members. David is skilled in both singing and memorizing Bible verses. Many times we have seen various members make some progress in their Christian life, only to have a setback shortly after. The timing made it clear that spiritual opposition was at work. Until now, David is continuing on for the Lord. Since January 1, we have seen 42 people saved in our Cambodian ministry.


In August my whole family was able to go to India. For the three Sundays that I was absent, a national pastor from another ministry graciously preached in my absence. We went to honor Suni’s father, who was called into the Gospel ministry in 1965, 50 years ago. Sadly, he died in 2014, one year short of this important milestone. He and his dear wife started many churches, and many more men were saved and encouraged to enter God’s service. The two-day program was well attended by numerous pastors and friends.

During the 18 days that I was in India, I preached 21 times in various locations, especially at those churches that we support financially. God alone knows the heart of each person, but we do rejoice that some 29 people raised their hands for a salvation decision and another 4 for baptism. In each case, this happened in the presence of a local pastor. In personal soul winning, another 5 prayed with us.

Especially precious was a family of three, who have been known to Suni’s family for several years. This is a Hindu family with some position in the community, so we were somewhat intimidated. When I asked if they would like to receive God’s gift of salvation, the wife said, “Well, isn’t that why we are all gathered here”? After our prayer, she mildly scolded us and wondered how she could grow in her understanding if we only visited once in a while. Well, Amen! Thank you, Lord!


Incredibly, my mother had her 91st birthday recently. It is only in recent years that her quality of life has diminished due to failing health. Please pray for her salvation and also that I could fulfil my duty to honor her. The Asian culture in which we now live expects much in the way of care for parents. In my family, that burden has fallen on my sister. It is easy to occasionally wonder if my prayers alone are a substitute for the practical help that is needed.


• For church construction at several sites in India (safety and finances)
• For workers to join us, both national believers and missionaries
• For our family, as we lead our children to be in God’s will


Walter and Suni Poole