Walter Poole Prayer Letter:  Indian Pastors' Meeting and Evangelistic PreachingThank you for your interest in this ministry. If you or your church has a quarterly newsletter, please send one to us. We like to rejoice with your blessings and pray for you as well.

God has been blessing us in Cambodia. My wife’s brother has been able to be with us for the last month and has gone soul winning with us and preached for us. Salvation decisions have been made. We finally moved our church to a better facility. I will be sending a more detailed update soon, informing you of the progress in our ministry; however, this letter has a different purpose, which I will now explain.

Since my deputation and all through the 11-plus years we have been on the field, I have avoided asking for extra funds for our personal maintenance or the ministry we operate here day by day. It is not wrong to mention a personal financial need. Perhaps in the future we will do so. On the other hand, I have on occasion mentioned a need that others have.

For many years, we have supported some pastors in India from our own personal funds. This is an opportunity for you to make a specific contribution.

1. Pastor Samuel John has been faithfully preaching and discipling converts in a high-caste Hindu village for a number of years. Three years ago he started a branch ministry in a nearby village. God has blessed with faithful members. They are moving ahead with two simultaneous projects. First, they are constructing a bigger church building for their primary ministry, and they are also purchasing and registering land for the branch church. The church members have contributed, but we want to help them finalize.

2. Evangelist Grace John is planning for a special service in August, which we are calling “Golden Jubilee.” His father was saved from Hinduism and started his preaching ministry in 1965. Sadly, he passed away in 2014, one year short of his 50th year in the ministry. God used him to start many churches and encourage many pastors, and it is our desire to honor his life by gathering up to 150 pastors in a three-day meeting. During the day we will have a combination pastors’ fellowship/training, and in the evening there will be evangelistic-crusade-style preaching outside in the nearby community.

Funds Needed for the Pastors’ Meetings:

• Food, travel fare, and accommodations

Funds Needed for the Open-Air Preaching:

• Sound system, publicity, lighting, and renting of the grounds

I myself am planning to be a part of this “Golden Jubilee.” I hope to spend a week, or possibly two, in India, specifically to be at the conference and also visit some of the pastors we support.

If you are led to help with the above projects, please mark Missionary Walter Poole #17 in the memo section of your checks, and also make a note that this is specifically for the above-mentioned needs.

Finally, let me say that my wife and I know these preachers intimately. This is not a case of hearing a secondhand report or going to visit once a year for a special occasion, where the red carpet is pulled out for the visiting speaker. My wife has known these men from her childhood, and we communicate with them several times a month. We are on the same page doctrinally, and they have proven their love for souls and the local church in good times and bad times as well.


Walter and Suni Poole