Walter Poole Prayer Letter:  Fruit to Your AccountThank you for your support. The souls that have been won and the people who have been discipled here in Cambodia are your fruit. More importantly, they are Jesus’ fruit, made possible by your sacrifice.

In December, Straight Road Baptist Church had a Christmas Outreach. Close to 100 people gathered with us on December 25. Many thanks go to Sister Soline Brown from Rochester, Minnesota, from Rochester Baptist Church, who helped us in so many ways. Both she and this good church donated generously so that we could provide some refreshments for the people, as well as a small gift for all the children. One dear lady raised her hand at the invitation, and many clearly heard the true meaning of Christmas.

In January, an evangelistic team from the United States came here to hold a Pastors’ Training Conference and do some street preaching. They asked me to organize things on the ground level before their arrival. On one afternoon, I took them to some areas where we regularly go soul winning. In one market, we talked with a bright young man who was a leather craftsman there. He spoke good English, having been trained at a Catholic school. As a result, his basic Bible knowledge helped us to transition quickly to the Gospel, and he prayed to the Saviour for forgiveness of sins.

A few weeks later, we had the privilege of having our missions director and field supervisor with us. After observing our ministry, they were able to give some needed advice, which when applied, will result in significant growth in the lives of those whom we disciple. Thank you, Brother Mark Bosje and Brother John Cole.
Speaking of discipling, I met a young man named Panut awhile back. I had a Gospel conversation with him, and he agreed to call on the Lord. After that I lost track of him, but I recently met him again. This time he took me to his home, and I met his grandmother. Both he and his grandmother accepted God’s free gift of salvation (he needed the assurance of his salvation this second time). The grandmother does not get to come to church too often, but we visit her small, rented room and teach her. Panut moved to another city, but I gave his cell number to a missionary there.

Suni met a lady who gladly received the good news of salvation. She has a son about 10 years old. His movements and speech are severely limited by a physical handicap. Otherwise, his mind is normal, and he has a happy spirit. She is a single mother working part- time cleaning jobs and needs to push her son in a baby carriage whenever she leaves the house, as there is no one to care for him at home. She is a very determined lady and made up her mind to come to church. She confided to us that many times her neighbors criticize her for joining with us by saying, “Do you get any material benefit if you go to church? If not, what is the point”? Unfortunately, this is quite common.

Please pray for:

• This lady’s continued faith and a new baby carriage for her son.
• Two young men, Bup and Sina. We will meet with them to study some discipleship materials.
• Suni’s health, particularly to find a good doctor for her early stages of diabetes.
• God to use us to raise up laborers for the harvest.


Walter and Suni Poole