Walter Poole Prayer Letter: Adult Congregation GrowingThank you for your continued support. Your prayers make a difference (I Corinthians 3:8).

We are planning a furlough for August through October of this year. Our last family furlough was in 2014, six years ago. If you would like us to visit your church, please do let us know. (NOTE: Please see PS below.)


I mentioned in the last letter about the Bustamantes, the Filipino couple who moved to Cambodia to do ministry. Right now, they are tentmakers and teach English full-time, but they have dedicated their Sundays to attend our church and help in any way they can.

Just recently, another new missionary family from the U.S. decided to join us every Sunday morning while they are learning the language. We are trusting that they will also provide valuable help in building our people to become mature Christians.

Moni is a young teen who has been attending Straight Road Baptist Church for about four years. He likes to play street soccer with his neighborhood friends on Sunday afternoons, but he stops in time to come to church, even if his friends do not. I recently asked him to take a short Bible lesson and teach the younger children, which he was willing to do. Please pray for him.


We do what is needed to grab the hearts of the youth. While acting out lessons, I have climbed on chairs (and fallen), lain prone on the floor, acted like the Devil, and so much more. On Thursday nights, we have a Bible study and then teach the children to pray. If they are too small or too shy to form the words themselves, we say it for them, and they repeat it after us.

Two children have shown much promise, both in faithfulness to church but especially in the area of music. Dodo is a boy about 10 years old who was thrilled to know his name was in the Bible. He, along with a small girl named Chantria, has taken interest in learning piano. We found a small school nearby which is open for lessons on Sundays, so we hope to enroll them for an hour after morning church. Total cost? Less than $2 per hour, but with good quality, nevertheless. My motto is, “Why pay more?”

Every so often, I visit an elderly lady to read the Bible to her. Many years ago when her children were younger, the whole family used to go to another Baptist church. Her children have since lost interest in the things of God, but recently her young grandson Ratanak accepted the Lord.

I asked him if he would be willing to read the Bible to his grandmother every day because her eyes are not good anymore and, in addition, her health does not permit her to get to church. I hope that these two precious people—one young and one old—will encourage one another by the reading of God’s Word!


We are encouraged by our adult members. Recently one of our faithful ladies has encouraged two other friends to join us. They both face emotional problems and spiritual opposition, and their participation is not consistent, but they are trying.

There are two young men, Bup and Paneut, who have potential for God. They have good character, are hard workers in their respective spheres, and receive the instruction of the Word of God with open hearts. Unfortunately, regular church attendance is hindered by various factors, such as work schedules and the distance from the home. However, I will not give up hope. Please pray that these obstacles can be overcome.

Please continue to pray for Straight Road Baptist Church, our members, and our family.


Walter Poole and Family

PS. This letter was written when the COVID-19 issue was confined to China. Although our trip to the USA may be postponed, I still would like to ask you to indicate whether you would like a visit from us, because if we don’t come exactly in the timeframe mentioned above, we will come back later on.