Walter and Suni Poole Prayer Letter: "The Best Thing I Ever Did!"As we approach the Christmas season, we want to thank you in advance for all the blessings you have sent our way in 2021. God has used you, your prayers, your letters, and your financial support to help us bear fruit here in Cambodia!

In our previous letter, we wrote about Brian, an American with a Khmer wife. Brian was already saved when we met him, but not growing spiritually. Samrith was not saved. When we met them, by God’s grace, Brian started to grow, and his wife trusted Christ and was baptized.

Tragically, Brian died at the beginning of November. We were able to be with his wife and support her. Samrith’s entire family is Buddhist, but she insisted on a Christian funeral and burial. Although that might seem obvious, it was not a foregone conclusion. Well-meaning family members arrived quickly to help make decisions according to long-standing tradition. Nevertheless, Samrith’s wishes prevailed. The service was basically handed over to me, and a clear Gospel message was preached to about 25 family members.

Brian said two things that I will remember forever. When his wife was baptized, he exclaimed, “Now my entire family is Christian!” And shortly before he died, he made the remark, “The best thing I ever did was to help my wife become a Christian.” Please pray for his wife as she starts a new life.

Churches are allowed to meet again, and with that come some new plans. Our coworkers, Joey and Renn Bustamante, help us on Sundays, but during the week, they are full-time teachers. Due to that, they have started a Youth Ministry near their house with some of their students. The Bustamantes have decided to bring their young disciples to Straight Road Baptist Church on Sundays. This will be a wonderful addition to our church and provide a boost as we regroup after lengthy COVID restrictions.

We are praising God for five recent converts. One of these is the father of a teen girl who attends our church. To be honest, I never tried to talk to him, as it seemed he had no interest in spiritual things. But one day, I was sharing the Gospel with a group near his house, and he joined the conversation. It was clear he had some previous knowledge of our topic. I shifted my attention to him alone, with the result being that he prayed for salvation.
Another one includes a young man who used to come to our church many years ago. I was surprised but pleased when he remembered much from his early days, and he happily agreed to call on the Lord.

Next are two girls, Srey Noch and Khema, who used to attend when they were quite small. Their mother had them stop after a few short years, but recently we met them at their house. We questioned them carefully after our Gospel explanation, and satisfied that they understood, we led them in prayer. Finally, a young lady who attended Brian’s memorial service, received the Lord as Saviour.

We will be living in another house soon, about 30 minutes away. As a result, we need to find another place for the church. It won’t be far from the current location. We plan to start a new Bible study from our new house, while maintaining the current church. Please pray about this.

We are planning for a furlough next summer. My wife and children have not been back to the U.S. since 2014. I have been back twice for very brief visits.


Walter Poole and Family