Charlie and Kay Vest Prayer Letter: Urgent Needs in BurmaLast month I reached my 74th birthday and attended the wedding of the first of my granddaughters to be married. My son Chad has had a difficult time recovering from COVID but was feeling good and was at his best as he performed the ceremony for his daughter Elisabeth to Bryan Wilson. Please pray for this fine young couple as they start life together.

Recently, I preached the Missions Conference of Heritage Baptist Church in Great Falls, Montana, for my longtime friend, Dr. SC Shearer. It was a great meeting, but bittersweet, because he and his wife Marcia were in Louisiana at the same time getting some special treatment for Marcia. Praise the Lord, it seems to have helped, and they are very optimistic for the future. Please pray for this special couple as they faithfully continue to serve our Lord. A big shout-out to Bro. and Mrs. Komondor, who were wonderful hosts to this old missionary.

As you know, AWBM has had a big presence in the country of Burma, working with churches and national pastors there for over 10 years. It breaks my heart to hear stories and read reports of the inhumane treatment of the Burmese people by the army and the government recently. Churches are unable to meet and face horrible persecution. Many are in survival mode and just trying to stay alive. One of our longtime partners with an orphanage sent us the following request:

“Our orphan children have pressing needs; I will list the items they need. These items were bought four years ago; they are falling apart already. They cannot be used anymore.”

• 10 mosquito nets; price – $12 each and can sleep 2 people
• 20 blankets; price – $10 each
• 20 bedding mattresses; price – $20 each
• At least 4 or 5 air coolers; price – $40 each
• 20 pairs of shoes; price – $20 each

Please pray for their safety and ask God if He would want you to have a part in giving toward some of these simple needs.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the billions of souls in Asia.

The Vests
Charlie, Kay, and Brianna

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Burmese orphans