Juan and Amy Vallejo Prayer Letter: He Is Faithful and True!A New Year! In January and February of 2021, God did great things! There was a real spirit of revival during our Watchnight Service. Even after midnight, the church was attentive and responsive to the preaching. As a church, we prayed in the New Year in both churches! This kind cometh not but by prayer and fasting!

Every week we share the Gospel, and every week someone receives the gift of eternal life by God’s amazing grace! He is faithful and true! We can depend on Him! He will see us through this year as we lean on Him.

My brother Carlos came for a visit. It was good to have someone from my family here in Brazil for the first time, especially since I have not seen them for nine years. We are thankful that our extended spiritual family here in Brazil is being added to day by day.

The teens are excited about soul wining! Micah is 10 years old and led his first soul to Jesus Christ. He was very happy. He also made sure Carlos came to church! God has given us some fun times with our church family, where the children played ball and the adults had a great time of fellowship. There was a real spirit of revival, as the conversation was completely about the Lord and how great He is!

Our view of Brazil as we go out on the highways and hedges each week—Vinicius loves to go soul winning with us!
This is the next generation. Above on the far left, they are reciting memorized Scripture and singing songs. During a lockdown, Amy and Esther gave a birthday gift to this young widow through her window. On the far right above, you can see a soul winner witnessing in a pharmacy. Daniel (12) also led an elderly man named Ismael to the Lord recently.

We are so thankful for our children and the joy they have in serving the Lord. Esther leads many people to the Lord on a weekly basis. She also makes sure everyone feels loved and special on their birthdays with a themed cake! This one was marine blue with edible “sand”! Juan has also continued faithfully leading the music, boldly winning souls, and regularly opening the church service with a short, Spirit-filled message. He is very attentive to the preaching, and we are blessed by his heart for God.

God has been so good to allow us to serve Him. We thank the Lord for at least 80 people who have responded to the Gospel in the past 4 months (January through April). We always come back rejoicing!

We have prayed for you and all of our churches in Brazil! I asked some of the men to pray on Saturday evenings in our Sao Paulo church, and they were very encouraged! They pray as our Cotia church is in their service, and God has blessed!

Thank you for your part in this ministry. We covet your prayers and appreciate your giving. Thank you for praying for our health and strength. We have continued with four days of church services per week, as well as two days each week of soul winning. Please pray for our church people to trust in the Lord during these challenging times. I told my wife that this is a time of opportunities!

We love you and thank the Lord for your friendship. May the Lord bless you all.

In His service,

The Vallejo Family