Tim Simmons Prayer Letter:  We Are So Oft Refreshed!We are so thankful for the many ways that churches care for us and make us feel loved. We felt especially showered with love and blessings from churches this past month! I am reminded of how the Apostle Paul said in II Timothy 1:16 that Onesiphorus “oft refreshed” him. We are thankful for the many ways churches go out of their way to make us feel refreshed!

Four More Supporters! Since our last prayer letter, we have heard from four more churches that have partnered with us financially to reach Uruguay with the Gospel! We were with Moraine Heights Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio, for their Missions Conference in early October. We are excited that they took us for support! FaithWay Baptist Church, which we were with for their Missions Conference in September, also took us on! This past March, we were at the Missions Conference at Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church in Toronto, Ontario. I found out recently that they are now supporting us! We started November with a Missions Conference at Lakecrest Baptist Church, and they plan to support us! Praise the Lord for more financial and prayer supporters!

Witnessing at a University! It is a blessing to see a church that has a desire to reach their community with the Gospel! On October 26 while we were at a Missions Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, we had an opportunity to go with them to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to give out Gospel tracts. A group of about 20-25 people came out. First, we sang some hymns on a main walkway as a number of people were walking by. Many of those people were heading to a Halloween party that night on campus. We then split into groups and gave out Gospel tracts and witnessed to people as we had the opportunity. Praise the Lord for the freedom and the opportunity to do that! I’m so thankful that Madison Baptist Church has a heart for the students there! I can’t wait to get to Uruguay and hopefully do the same thing at the universities in Montevideo!

Midwest Meetings! In October, we had six meetings, with five of those being Missions Conferences. We started out with a Missions Conference at Moraine Heights Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio. Next, we were with Berean Baptist Church in Adrian, Michigan. Thirdly, we were at Green Road Baptist Church in Madison, Indiana. Fourthly, we went to Valley Baptist Church in Oswego, Illinois. Our fifth meeting was at Madison Baptist Church in Madison, Wisconsin. Lastly, we had the privilege to be at Union Ridge Bible Baptist Church in Rogers, Ohio, to present our ministry. We praise the Lord for safety and for good meetings last month!

Please pray for God to use us and for us to be a blessing as we finish the last of 12 Missions Conferences this fall during the third week of November. Thank you so much for continuing to pray for us!

Your missionaries to Uruguay,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, and Evan Simmons