Tim Simmons Prayer Letter: Moving Forward With DeputationMoving Forward with Deputation

Greetings from Central Lake, Michigan! I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day and took the time to thank God for those who paid the ultimate price for our liberty. On Mother’s Day, we were scheduled to get back to a full schedule of meetings after going seven weeks with only two meetings because of cancellations, but on the Friday before Mother’s Day, we found out that our van was leaking oil pretty badly and needed to get fixed before we could drive it again. We took it to a mechanic. They weren’t able to fix it until the following Tuesday, so we had to reschedule our meeting that we had on Mother’s Day. I am thankful that the repair cost less than we thought it would, and we were able to fix another issue at the same time without paying more in labor!

May Meetings

On May 13, we started back with a full schedule of meetings. We had the privilege to present our ministry in five churches in Ohio and three in Michigan. In April, we were scheduled to be at a Missions Conference in Akron, Ohio; but they needed to cancel. They decided to do a “Virtual Missions Conference” in May instead and asked us to be a part by recording videos and sending them in. It took a lot of time to record messages, specials, testimonies, and a presentation, because we wanted to make sure it was first-class; but we learned a lot and are thankful for the opportunity!

More Supporters

We praise the Lord for three more churches that partnered with us financially! We enjoyed a great Missions Conference at Central Coast Baptist Church in Marina, California, in January! They voted to take us on for support in March. We were at Waverly Baptist Temple in Waverly, Ohio, for their first Missions Conference! The people there had such a heart for missions and were so sweet to us. During the conference, they voted to take us on for support. We were at Cornerstone Baptist Temple in Dayton, Ohio, for their Missions Conference in March. They voted in May to take us on for support. Also, a friend whom I went to college with told me in May that he wanted to support our ministry personally. He said that he wants his business to be involved in missions! Praise the Lord for more financial supporters!

Ministering and Serving

We had several opportunities in May to serve. My wife played the piano, and I led the music for our home church’s Spanish Department. In West Alexandria, Ohio, Ethan and I went with Calvary Baptist Church and put flyers in doors, letting people know the church was open! Ethan did a great job putting the flyers in doors! On the last Saturday of May, we enjoyed helping Bible Baptist Church in Charlevoix, Michigan, with a Spring Cleaning Day. I am thankful for the dedicated people who came and helped! The pastor wanted to get as much cleaning done as possible so they could focus on soul winning when they restart soon!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Your Missionaries to Uruguay,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, and Evan Simmons