Tim Simmons Prayer Letter: Looking Forward to a Productive FallThank you for your continued prayers for our family! We are blessed with so many folks praying for us. Our life changed dramatically in September, as I left my secular job to focus full-time on deputation. I’m excited about our future as we follow the Lord’s leading. It is an absolute joy to be in the center of God’s will!

New Supporter! We had meetings each week in August. We’re thankful for Lighthouse Baptist Church, Eastside Baptist Church, and Grace Baptist Church for giving us the opportunity to present our ministry! We then finished the month with a missions conference at Marion Avenue Baptist Church. The theme of the conference was “Set Us Free.” There were eight missionary families there for the conference. We’re thankful that they have chosen to partner with us financially! Praise the Lord!

Soul-Winning Blitz! In September, we had the opportunity to be with Grace Baptist Church in North Ridgeville, Ohio, for their missions conference. Pastor White was a former principal of mine. It was great to see how the Lord is using him there! On the Saturday of the conference, we helped with a Soul-Winning Blitz. We were able to give out about 2,400 invitations to church! Glory to God!

Church Anniversary! Our home church had their 45th anniversary celebration September 19-23. It was a great time to look back at what the Lord has done and then to look forward to the work that we still have to do. Our church has started 7 churches and has sent out over 40 full-time Christian workers! We’re excited about expanding the property to include more classroom space and a gym! I have been able to help twice on the project, but there are some men who have given many hours to help with the project. I’m very thankful for them! James, who is spearheading much of the project, has cancer. He recently started chemotherapy, and his body is not reacting well to it. Please pray for him! Also, please pray that the project can be finished by winter.

We are looking forward to a productive fall season of deputation! We will be presenting our ministry in Illinois, Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. Please pray for safety and for good meetings.

For souls,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, and Evan Simmons


  • New supporting church!
  • Full schedule of meetings this fall


  • More churches to partner with us financially
  • James as he goes through chemotherapy
  • Our church expansion to be completed on time

Aerial view of expansion