Tim Simmons Prayer Letter:  Increased Support by Three!We trust you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations! We enjoyed being back home for a break from December 13 to January 12. We had a wonderful Christmastime with Christa’s family. Ethan and Evan were able to pick out gifts for family at a Missions Conference at the beginning of December. They loved the opportunity to give out gifts to family! We are thankful they are learning to give and not just receive.

New Supporters!

We are thankful for three new supporting churches! Lake Avenue Baptist Church, Family Baptist Church, and Valley Baptist Church have chosen to support us financially. We are thankful for their support and excited about partnering with them to get the Gospel to Uruguay!

2018 – A Year of Transition

When I look back on 2018, the word transition comes to mind. It was a year of transitioning from my secular job to full-time deputation. We had some meetings while I was still working through the spring and summer. It was a great day, and yet scary at the same time, when I stepped away from my job to enter deputation full-time in September. I’m so glad I did that, but I just wish it had been sooner! We had a total of 30 meetings in 2018, which is not a lot; but considering we didn’t go full-time until September, I am pleased with the meetings we had.

Patiently Sowing

I met a college student named Brandon in Ohio this past November. He told me he was an Atheist and was open to Jesus, but he didn’t have any evidence for Christianity. I asked for his phone number and sent him some information on the evidence for Christianity. He looked it over and was open to more. I asked if he would read a book about the evidence, and he said, “Yes,” so I gave him a book right before we left Ohio. He agreed to meet again on February 25 to discuss it. Please pray for me as I patiently try to help him to see the truth and for him to be saved.

We are looking forward to being in Virginia and the Midwest this February and then Canada for most of March. Please pray for safety and good meetings!

For souls,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, and Evan Simmons