Tim Simmons Prayer Letter: Giving the Meat That EnduresThank you for taking the time to pray for our family! That means so much to us.

Going the Distance for Meetings

We drove just over 5,000 miles during the month of August. Thankfully, that is not the norm! We had the privilege to present our ministry in 11 churches in 6 states. I was with two churches in Wisconsin: Faith Baptist Church in Plymouth and Stoughton Baptist Church in Stoughton. I then had the opportunity to be a part of a Missions Conference at Roanoke Baptist Church in Roanoke, Indiana. Praise the Lord that they are partnering with us to reach Uruguay! I was then with two churches in Michigan: Lighthouse Baptist Church in Plainwell and Harvest Baptist Church in Grass Lake. Next, I enjoyed two meetings in Indiana at White River Baptist Church in Princeton and Olive Branch Baptist Church in Linton. I also had the privilege to be a part of the Missions Conference at Solid Rock Independent Baptist Church in Corriganville, Maryland. Right after that, I presented our work at Franklin Road Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The next day, I began the long drive to California, but Christa and our children flew there on August 22. We had a great Missions Conference at Central Valley Baptist Church in Manteca, California! I’m so thankful to have my entire family together in meetings again! I had a Missions Conference scheduled at the end of August, but the church needed to cancel. I’m thankful that Victory Baptist Church in Brentwood, California, was willing to have us in on short notice! Praise the Lord for safe travels! I’m so thankful for the many of you who pray for safety and protection in our travels. Praise the Lord for a great month presenting our ministry!

Giving the Meat That Endures

I stopped at a gas station right after being a part of a Christian school chapel in Manteca, California. As I was filling the gas tank, a man named Nevin asked if I could get him something to eat. I didn’t want to help him at first, but then I told him I would get him something to eat inside the gas station. On the way out, I told him I wanted to give him something. I gave him a Gospel tract and asked him if he knew if he was going to Heaven. He said he was trying to go to Heaven. I explained that no matter how hard we try, we can’t get to Heaven on our own. I asked him if he understood the Gospel, and if he would like to be saved. He then mentioned that he wanted to get baptized first, so I took the time to explain what baptism was. He then decided to completely trust in Christ to save him! John 6:27 says, “Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life . . . .” I’m glad Nevin accepted the meat that endures—not just the temporary meat!


  • Another supporting church!
  • Nevin’s salvation


  • Safety in September as we travel to the Northwest
  • Our family as we adapt to traveling with Emmalynn

Your missionaries to Uruguay,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, Evan, and Emmalynn Simmons