Tim Simmons Prayer Letter: Encouraging Responses From Churches!Thank you once again for your prayers and support!

Encouraging Responses from Churches!

We had asked in our September prayer letter that you would join us in praying that we would reach 75% of our support in the next month. We are just short of that now, but we only need one more supporting church to reach 75%! We have heard some great responses from churches this past month. Multiple churches have told us that they plan to take us on for support in the next few months! Praise the Lord! It was also exciting to witness how the Lord has blessed many churches even through COVID-19. Many churches that we’ve visited are doing as well, if not better—spiritually, financially, and even numerically—than before the pandemic. One church we were at told us that they might have to start a building program soon because they’re running out of room to put people! It is amazing how God can turn what we see as a negative situation into something good for His glory!

Exceptional Month of Meetings!

Two churches we were scheduled to be at canceled their Missions Conferences in October, but we still had the privilege of presenting our ministry in seven churches in October. Five of those were Missions Conferences, and two were Missions Month meetings. We were in church 22 days in October! One time when I told my son that we were getting ready to go to church, he replied, “Again?” One of the Missions Conferences was at Massillon Baptist Temple in Massillon, Ohio, and we are so grateful that they took us on for support!

Exciting Salvation Story!

I had the privilege to go soul winning with a church in Saginaw, Michigan, a couple times in October. The second time we went, my soul- winning partner Paul and I met Jennifer. She had her grandkids with her, but Paul did a great job watching them so I could give the Gospel to Jennifer. She listened very intently to the Gospel for the next 20-30 minutes and sweetly placed her faith in Jesus alone to save her. Praise the Lord for that! She and her grandkids expressed their interest in coming to church!

Extraordinary Milestone!

Our 2006 Honda Odyssey hit 400,000 miles in October! We have driven 82,000 of those miles since it was given to us in December of 2018. So far, it has been a reliable van. Please pray with us that it will last and be reliable through next spring so that we can finish deputation with it. Please also continue to pray for our protection as we travel. We love you all!


• Protection in our travels
• Our van to continue to be reliable
• Uruguay to open back up to non-citizens

Your missionaries to Uruguay,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, Evan, and Emmalynn Simmons