Tim Simmons Prayer Letter: Divine Appointments!We are thankful for your prayers and support! Please continue to pray for us.

Divine Appointment!

On March 6-10, our family had the joy to be a part of the Missions Conference at Gateway Baptist Church. On that Saturday, I had the privilege to go soul winning with the teens. At the first door we knocked on, we met Lawrence, who was doing some work on his cousin’s home. He allowed us to come in, and we spent the next 45 minutes going through the plan of salvation. Through tears, he happily prayed to accept Christ as his personal Saviour. Afterwards he was smiling and looked as if a burden had been lifted from his shoulders. He then mentioned how he had heard the news just before we arrived that a family member had committed suicide. He said he believed the Lord had sent us to his house just at the right time. He plans to come to church and be baptized! I’m thankful for the divine appointments the Lord brings our way!

More Supporters!

We praise the Lord for three new supporting churches since our last prayer letter! We were a part of the Missions Conference at Anchor Baptist Church in February. They had voted to take us on before the conference! Praise the Lord! We were at Blessed Hope Baptist Church for their Missions Month in February. Their pastor called and said they had taken us on for support! On March 31, we were with Gospel Light Baptist Church. They had already voted about a week prior to take us on for support! Praise the Lord!


In our last letter, I asked for prayer for a man named Brandon I met in Ohio. I was able to meet with him and try to answer some questions he had. He is genuinely searching for the truth. He still has some more questions, so I gave him another book and the Gospel of John and Romans. He said he would read both and that we could meet again. He has thanked me multiple times for taking the time to talk with him. Please pray that he will see the truth and be saved.


• Brandon to be saved
• Lawrence, Carolyn, and others to grow spiritually
• Safety in our travels to Texas in April
• More churches to take us on for support


• More supporters!
• The Lord used my wife and me to lead multiple people to the Lord!

For souls,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, and Evan Simmons