Tim Simmons Prayer Letter: Decisions for Support While Diligently Presenting!Decisions for Support

Praise the Lord for three more supporting churches in June! On June 14, we had the privilege to be a part of a Missions Month at Solid Rock Baptist Church in Hughesville, Maryland. They voted that evening to take us on for support. We were their first missionary to South America, and now they support a missionary on every continent! We also heard from Sun and Shield Baptist Church in Marana, Arizona, that they had taken us on for support. We enjoyed being with them for their Missions Month back in January! Lastly, we found out that Nueva Vida Iglesia Bautista in Austin, Texas, also took us on for support! We are getting closer to Uruguay!

Diligently Presenting

We were blessed with the opportunity to present our ministry in nine churches in June. We were at three churches in Michigan: Community Baptist Church, Wolverine Baptist Church, and Hope Bible Baptist Church. We were supposed to be at a church in Canada on June 7; but, of course, we couldn’t cross the border. We are thankful that Wolverine Baptist Church rescheduled us from December to that Sunday! We were a part of a Missions Month at Solid Rock Baptist Church in Hughesville, Maryland. Back in May, we had the privilege to be a part of a Virtual Missions Conference at First Baptist Church of Kenmore, Ohio. In June we had the opportunity to meet the people on a Wednesday night. We presented our work at Iglesia Bíblica Bautista in Hammond, Indiana. Lastly, we were at three churches in Illinois: First Baptist Church, Victory Hill Baptist Church, and First Baptist Church. We are grateful to those churches for the opportunity!

Door-to-Door Soul Winning

I am thankful for multiple opportunities to go soul winning this past month. The first Saturday of June, Ethan and I went soul winning together. We had several good conversations, and Betsy promised to come to church. Please pray that she does, especially since it didn’t sound like she was saved. We went out soul winning with Solid Rock Baptist Church. We went with Faith Baptist Temple to give out John & Romans and several other items to people who had recently moved to the area. One family sounded very interested in coming to the church! We were back home the last Saturday of the month, so we went soul winning in Milwaukee. The neighborhood we were in had quite a few Spanish-speaking people, so I got to practice my Spanish a little. I went through the Gospel with Rita, and at the end, she said she wanted to accept God’s gift of eternal life. When I told her she could pray with me or by herself, understanding that the words themselves wouldn’t save her, she promised me that she would pray by herself later that day. Please pray that she does if she hasn’t already. I’m so glad that, for the most part, I can get back to going soul winning door to door!

Due Date Fast Approaching!

I only have four meetings scheduled in July because our daughter is due in July. The due date was moved back from July 26 to July 20. We expect her to be born any day now. Please pray for a safe delivery and recovery. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! We love you all!


* Three more supporting churches!
* Soul-winning opportunities!


* Safe delivery of our daughter
* Christa to recover quickly
* Rita to be saved
* Betsy to come to church
* More opportunities to give the Gospel

Your missionaries to Uruguay,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, and Evan Simmons