I often tell my salvation testimony at churches as I give them an overview of Abbie’s and my backgrounds. I explain that I had asked Jesus to take away my sins many times as a child, but I was not trusting in Jesus to save me but rather in the prayer itself. When I was nine years old, I finally trusted Jesus to save me from my sins instead of my prayers. I told this story at a church in Michigan, and Joe realized that he, too, had been trusting in his prayers instead of in Jesus. He got saved that morning! It is so exciting to see God at work!
Abbie and I had a lot of fun in April too. We stopped at the Gettysburg Battlefield and spent about five hours in the museum and touring the different monuments and parts of the battlefield. I’m a history buff, and I had an absolute blast! Abbie and I got to spend a few days with Abbie’s sister, and Abbie loved every minute of it. We got to participate in a family fun night at one church, and another church arranged for us to go to the Creation Museum! We sure are spoiled!
My mom’s funeral was in April, and I want to thank everyone who has been praying for my family. The service was a beautiful remembrance of Mom’s life. God’s grace has continued to be with my dad. Please continue to pray for him as he returns to the Philippines in the middle of June.
May was a much slower month, but we had a couple of very good meetings. The slower pace allowed us to go and see my dad a couple of times up in Michigan, which was a real treat.
In May I was reminded of how we cannot predict when God will bring someone across our path who is ready to be saved. Abbie and I were out soul winning on an unseasonably cold afternoon, and to be honest, I had a bad attitude. I was cold and did not feel like talking, and I did not believe that other people would want to talk out in the cold either. I felt like I was wasting my time. Then I met Kyle, who did not seem cold at all in spite of his bare feet! Kyle was as open as could be to the Gospel, and after he trusted Christ alone for his salvation, I felt so ashamed of how I had been thinking.
Please pray that God would partner us with the right churches for getting to Ghana. According to my calculations, we need just six to twelve more churches to take us on for support, depending on the amounts which they are able to give. Thank you for your prayers; I believe they play a big part in how God is blessing us.
Yours for souls,
Micah Christiansen
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