Teerapat Phaisarnpiwat Prayer Letter: The Angel's Good NewsMerry Christmas and Happy New Year! We pray all your Christmas celebrations and outreaches went well. As the year has come to an end, we want to thank you for supporting us during the year 2019. Also, thank you so much for each prayer and for the finances donated towards our Christmas outreach. We were in awe of how many individuals reached out and donated for all the Christmas activities.

The Angel’s Good News

Throughout December, our theme was “The Angel’s Good News.” Excitement and joy filled our church the whole month. The youth practiced and practiced a drama and songs that shared why Jesus had to come to earth. The drama started with the fall of Satan and then man’s sin. It ended with the birth of our Saviour. We celebrated Christmas as a church family on the 25th, and on the 28th of December, the youth performed in Tiger Cave Village. Around 250 people came to the local school grounds. After the drama, everyone ate; then I preached a message on “The Angel’s Good News”: (1) God still loves us, (2) God is with us, (3) God has come to save us, (4) we can be restored back into God’s family, and (5) we can be with God forever in Heaven. A clear presentation of salvation was also given, and many could be heard, praying and asking Jesus to take them to Heaven. The night ended with raffling off around 200 gifts. The icing on the cake was seeing a lady waiting with her daughter for her number to be called and seeing her so ecstatic to have won a rice cooker. Everyone left happy, and many thanked us for coming and asked for us to come back. A door was left open for us to return and continue reaching out to the people there. The village is around a half hour or so away from our church. Please keep praying for all the seeds that have been planted and for what God wants us to do next.

Tiger Cave Village

One of our prayer requests was for God to lead us to the right village where He wanted us to do our Christmas program. The first village we went to, we got to share the Gospel with a couple of people and meet the pastor’s wife of the only church in the village. Sadly, her husband had passed away, and the church didn’t have their own pastor; but God didn’t give us peace that that was the village for us. A couple of weeks later, we went to Tiger Cave Village. Wut, a young man who attends our church, has friends and family there. He brought us to their homes, to the village leader, and to the school. The first two families we visited accepted Christ as their Saviour. The second family offered to help cook the meal and pay for some of the food expenses. God opened doors, and everything fell into place. By the end of our visit, we had approval from the village leader, peace, and a venue.

Thai Tract Booklet

I had been working on translating a small booklet for an American missionary. The booklet gives a clear presentation of the Gospel and Christian life, starting from Creation with beautiful pictures to illustrate. Thankfully, the translation and printing were completed in time to be distributed at our Christmas program. We are so excited to use this booklet as we share with others about Jesus.

Prayer Requests/Needs

• Hymnbooks ($10/book) – We are hoping to purchase 30 or 40 hymnbooks.
• Laborers – Pray that God will bring a family to help us reach the Maeku and Pha Daeng villages or give us a couple to disciple and train.

God bless,

Teerapat and Tiffany Phaisarnpiwat