Teerapat Phaisarnpiwat Prayer Letter: Redeeming the Time“Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:16) January and February brought us in and out of lockdown a few times, and meeting in large groups was not permitted. In February, the coup in Myanmar began bringing a new worry to our friends and the people around us. With all the different things happening around the world, we were reminded again of the urgent need to reach as many as we can with the Gospel during our short time on earth. God also used another missionary to encourage us. Just because we were not able to gather in large groups and do our usual ministry activities didn’t mean we couldn’t pass out tracts and go village to village and home to home, sharing the Good News of eternal life. In the beginning, many were still afraid of COVID and would only take a tract, but each time we went out, we got to talk with more and more people. We were also encouraged many times by finding a church in a village and getting to fellowship with other people serving God.

Fruits of Our Labor

News got out that we were still going out, sharing the Gospel despite the lockdown. On days my wife couldn’t join me, Wut, a young man from our church, went out with me. One Friday I was planning on going out, but Wut had canceled on me, and my wife had a class. Cha Tree, a teen from our church, called and told me he had a day off from school and asked if he could go out visiting with me. About five years earlier, we were out soul winning and met Cha Tree coming back from fishing. Now when he is free, he goes out fishing for souls. At times, it seems like our labor is in vain, but when we look back and see how the children we have invested in have grown into young men and women who love God, it is all worth it.

Going into the Villages

About three times a week, we go to a nearby village—20 minutes to an hour away—and share the Gospel with the people there. We have gone into Hmong, Karen, and Thai villages. Everywhere we go, there are Burmese people as well. One Monday, we went to a Karen village. The last home we went to, the husband and three sisters had already trusted Christ, but their eldest sister still clung to her Buddhist faith. With them sitting with her encouraging her, after over an hour of sharing about our Creator and Saviour, she trusted Christ. They told us of another village where their brother lived. The next day, we attempted to follow their directions to find this village. It was 40 minutes off the main road and about 20 minutes of driving through rough “roads” in the jungle before we came into a clearing. This village touched our hearts; they still do not have any phone service, electricity, running water, schools, medical help, or churches. They were very friendly, and 7 trusted Christ. Please pray about what God would have us to do here in this village. After a few weeks, we go back to a village that we have already gone to and follow up with those who have already trusted Chrand try again to reach their neighbors. We have been in 17 villages in the past 2 months, with many trusting Christ. God has been so good.

We are so grateful to those who have continued to support us financially or who have given us one-time donations. Thank you for faithfully praying for us.

God bless,

Teerapat and Tiffany Phaisarnpiwat