Teerapat Phaisarnpiwat Prayer Letter:  Charity Baptist ChurchThank You!

We are overwhelmed by how many of you reached out and got behind us as we began Charity Baptist Church. God has been showing His goodness and answering our prayers in providing for us. Thank you for praying for us and for donating towards our needs in purchas-ing a truck and covering the start-up costs of our new church in a village called MaeKu. We also want to thank our new supporting churches for partnering with us. Since January, five new churches have joined us in reaching Thailand for Christ. Without your help, we would not be able to do all we are doing.

Charity Baptist Church’s Beginnings

We held our first service on the last Sunday of February. What a joy it was to see the young people, who had been attending services on a porch, get involved in preparing the building. Their parents helped as well. Many hours were spent as we turned a wooden house, marked with Buddist tapestry and symbols, into a house in which to worship God. The people in MaeKu are very superstitious. Even after we rented the place, the owner and the monks would still set up things to protect the home from evil spirits. We noticed these things were done to every home in the village. Please pray that the community and neighbors near our church will be okay with us being there and that their hearts will be softened. Currently we only have young people attending with their younger siblings. We are praying to reach their parents and the local familes.

One month after starting Charity Baptist Church, we began holding English Bible Club three days a week. The main purpose is for children and young people to learn more about the Bible and to grow spiritually. God has blessed the classes, and many have been able to understand the Bible more. Even though they sometimes have problems with their parents after they receive Christ as their Saviour because they no longer have the same beliefs, they still decide to follow God by faithfully attending church and are happy to be involved in the church’s ministries.

Please pray for the young people who attend our English Bible Club. Pray that their families will understand them and accept that they have become Christians. Also, please pray that God will strengthen them so they can stand strong in their faith.

My wife is enjoying being able to teach Sunday school again. Her Thai has improved a lot since first coming to Thailand three years ago, but this is her first time attempting to teach Bible lessons without an interpreter. Please keep praying for her as she increases her Bible knowledge in Thai and her ability to read in Thai. The Bible is written in a higher language than the regularly spoken Thai she is used to.
I would also like to ask prayer for Wut. Wut is a young man who has given his life to the Lord and faithfully attends our church. I am training him to be a worker in Charity Baptist Church. Please pray for wisdom for me to know how to direct and teach him. Pray for him to stay strong, as he faces conflicts with being the only Christian in his family.

First Lord’s Supper

Just before Easter, we had our first Lord’s Supper. This was an exciting time for Charity Baptist Church. Although we did not have all the traditional trays and dishes, it was a memorable time for everyone. What made it even more special was that three of our young people realized they needed to accept Jesus as their Saviour. Not being able to partake in our Lord’s Supper caused them to ask questions.

God bless,

Teerapat and Tiffany Phaisarnpiwat