Teaching All Nations Update: Providing FREE Bible Institute Programs for MissionariesTEACHING ALL NATIONS’ mission is to provide a FREE Bible institute program for our missionaries, enabling them to train nationals for the ministry, using the biblical model introduced by Christ in the New Testament Gospels. TAN is training nationals in their own cultures, communities, and churches. This FREE, three- to four-year program is a step-by-step Bible college curriculum organized into 150 lessons, using the question-and-answer method to find answers in the Word of God, using over 10,000 Scriptures. The following Teaching All Nations Bible study guides are divided into THREE levels of teaching, which are FOLLOWSHIP, INTERNSHIP, and LEADERSHIP.


1-10 Identity of the Savior
11-20 Importance of Submission
21-30 Introduction to Separation
31-40 Introduction to Suffering
41-50 Introduction to Service
51-60 Preparation of Those Being Sent Forth
61-70 Problems Facing Those Being Sent Forth
71-80 Persecution of Those Being Sent Forth
81-90 Preaching Taught to Those Being Sent Forth
91-100 The Passion Taught to Those Being Sent Forth
101-110 The Preacher’s Preparation Through the Word of God
111-120 The Preacher’s Position with the Son of God
121-130 The Preacher’s Passion for the People of God
131-140 The Preacher’s Perfecting Through Doctrines of God – 1
141-150 The Preacher’s Perfecting Through Doctrines of God – 2


TEACHING OUR PEOPLE was developed to help Christians in America grow in grace. TOP can be used in Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, Wednesday night Bible studies, small groups, nursing home ministries, home Bible studies, Bible institute classes, Sunday night training classes, jail ministries, and family devotions. Each series of 13 weekly lessons includes a theme for the month, a question for the week, and a list of daily Bible references to study. The following are the titles in the series:

1. Increase My Faith
2. Breaking Satanic Barriers
3. An Enduring Friendship
4. How to Sin . . . Less
5. Blessed Are the Pains of Life
6. What Is Love . . . Really?
7. My Unseen Friend
8. Get Connected to God . . . By Prayer
9. Making Bitter Better


1. The Doctrine of the Savior
2. The Doctrine of Sin
3. The Doctrine of Salvation
4. The Doctrine of Separation
5. The Doctrine of Submission
6. The Doctrine of Service
7. The Doctrine of Sacrifice
8. The Doctrine of the Suffering
9. The Doctrine of the Second Coming
10. The Doctrine of Soul Winning

TEACHING ALL NATIONS and TEACHING OUR PEOPLE are in Australia, Cambodia, China, England, Ghana, India, Kenya, Laos, Liberia, Burma, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, and Togo. Now at the first-year anniversary of Dr. Ed Tutton stepping onto the shores of Heaven, TAN and TOP are ministering to pastors and missionaries around the world, helping to train men and women in villages, huts, homes, and churches to win souls and plant churches. They are also training our people in the States to know God’s Word better and to be grounded in it. Thank you all for your prayers and financial support. Because of you all, we are able to have a thriving, worldwide ministry, taking the study of God’s Word to the world. We love and appreciate all of you.

Preparing nationals for the work of God,

From the Desk of Carolyn Tutton and the Team of TAN and TOP
Hosea 4:6