Teaching All Nations Update: Moving Forward With the Work of TANThere are so many NEW places of growth in the last few months:

• Doors are opening with Bro. Grace John in India as he uses Zoom to train people with TEACHING ALL NATIONS materials who are still on lockdown.
• Bro. George Menyon in Liberia is planning his first TEACHING ALL NATIONS graduation in January 2022, as his Bible institute uses TAN for its fourth year.
• A second- generation missionary to the deaf in Peru is planning to start a Bible institute, using TEACHING ALL NATIONS, in the next few months.
• In Nigeria, students continue to use TAN and are successfully being trained for the ministry and trained for winning souls.


Below is an excerpt from Bro. Charlie Vest’s October 2021 newsletter. Bro. Charlie is involved with ASIAN WORLD BAPTIST MINISTRIES, which is about training, facilitating, and supporting national pastors throughout Asia. The following are his comments:

It has been exciting to see that TEAHING ALL NATIONS is expanding the vision of Dr. Ed Tutton. The leadership of TAN has arranged for me to do some online teaching through Zoom meetings. We have been able to teach both Indian and Filipino groups and are looking forward to reaching hundreds in the next few months. Please pray that God will open more doors to train Asian national pastors.


TEACHING OUR PEOPLE has moved forward in the publishing of nine out of the ten doctrinal Bible-study guides that Dr. Tutton wrote. “The Doctrine of Suffering” was delivered to his house on his birthday, October 26. The last Bible-study guide, “Soul Winning,” will be published in the next few weeks. Once this tenth doctrinal Bible-study guide is published, this will complete Dr. Tutton’s burden and vision for TEACHING OUR PEOPLE. Praise the Lord!

Thank you for sharing this vision with us for training nationals for the ministry, planting churches, winning souls, and financially giving to us and praying for us. We love you all.

Preparing nationals for the work of God,

From the Desk of Mrs. Tutton and the TAN and TOP Team
Hosea 4:6

FBMI Missionary Carolyn Tutton Prayer Letter Picture

Nine out of the ten “TEACHING OUR PEOPLE” lessons written by Dr. Ed Tutton–only one more to publish!