Teaching All Nations Update: In Ed's SteadEdward Herbert Tutton, age 78, my BJU sweetheart of 53 years, 6 months, and 9 days, who stately captained our “boat-of-life” under Christ’s command, made his GRAND entrance into Heaven on Saturday, January 16, 2021, at 5:16 p.m. What a man of integrity he was! How he loved the Lord and me with all his heart. I feel him and the Lord so very closely in my heart. He left me with enough of his sterling character and his great love for me to last me until my dying day. He was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer at the beginning of October 2020 and was in the hospital for eight days. This time was spent in witnessing and handing out tracts and having two biopsies and the drawing of his blood every day. The doctors told my husband of the grim picture that he was facing, and then Ed had the opportunity to tell the doctors of the real and glorious picture that he was in Christ Jesus his Lord. He was so filled with the Lord and witnessed boldly to every doctor that stood by his bed. He was a remarkable testimony for our Lord Jesus Christ.


Returning home from the hospital, pastors would call from across America and ask Ed what they could do for him. He told them to tell their church people to win just ONE person to the Lord in his stead, calling it “IN ED’S STEAD.” He wanted to give the Devil a black eye and bruise his head for all the heartaches that he has caused. Pastors and missionaries took the challenge. Ed took the challenge, too, waving tracts out of his car window. Cancer had taken his voice, but he would wave tracts until people took them. I took the challenge also and saw 14 people saved. One who was saved was a young Catholic nurse who received the Lord beside Ed’s bed, and he watched with joy the whole “IN-ED’S-STEAD” event. Fourteen people were saved in Kumasi, Africa, through the students of Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa, which Ed had helped to found. Others were saved in the Philippines, Honduras, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. The grand total to date of those who’ve been saved is 137 souls. This has given our cancer journey an ETERNAL purpose. The Devil has been wounded and Christ exalted!


On October 19, 2020, Ed called for a meeting of the board of Teaching All Nations at our “miracle house” in Pensacola, Florida. Bro. Adam Ogle, Bro. Mark Bosje, Bro. Bob Bowen, and Pastor Andy Smidt gathered at our house to discuss the future of TAN and TOP. The leadership was given to Bro. Adam Ogle, and other responsibilities were divided among the men. Teaching All Nations and Teaching Our People are “alive and well” and are going FORWARD. Go to our website at teachingallnations.net and teachingourpeople.net see all the materials that are offered to our missionaries and view the Teaching Our People Bible study guides used in the States. To ORDER the Teaching Our People Bible study guides, go to top@cbcanton.com.


In August of 2020, Ed completed a Bible doctrinal series of 10 lessons, each containing THIRTEEN weeks of study. He had published three of them. Now that he is with the Lord, I have taken his mantle, continuing IN HIS STEAD to edit and publish the last seven of his Bible doctrines series. The title of the TEN lessons are as follows: “The Doctrine of . . . the Saviour, Sin, Salvation, Separation, Submission, Service, Sacrifice, Suffering, the Second Coming, and Soul Winning.” The Lord has enabled me to have the first one of the seven Bible-doctrine study guides printed last week. I am also writing and sending the bimonthly Teaching All Nations newsletter. I also will be representing Ed in a Missions Conference in Ft. Worth, Texas, April 17-21, honoring Ed with the theme, “GO CHANGE THE WORLD!” I know that you will pray for all of us as we continue to follow IN THE LORD’S STEAD and as we continue to see nationals trained in Bible institutes, using the TAN materials, and people in U.S. churches growing in grace, using the Teaching Our People materials.

God bless you all for your faithful prayers and financial support,

Hosea 4:6