TAN Update: Representing in Nigeria, Africa, and Southeast AsiaJim Belisle Represents TAN in Nigeria, Africa

Jim Belisle, a missionary/evangelist who works with FBMI, recently went to Nigeria, Africa, representing Teaching All Nations; and here is what he said. “I just got back from Nigeria. We had a national conference and a regional conference with a total of 34 pastors, and I believe 40 churches in attendance. I presented the TAN program to these pastors. Bro. Mark Holmes, a veteran missionary in Nigeria, believes that Pastor Nicholas of the Independent Baptist Church in Calabar, Nigeria, is very interested in using the TAN materials. This pastor was the host for the Regional Leadership Conference and is well organized. Let us pray that this church will be the first of many.”

Bob Bowen Represents TAN in Southeast Asia

Missionary Bob Bowen, who directs the BEST Bible-distribution program and who represents TAN in Southeast Asia, recently received a note from a father in the U.S. who wrote, “My son, who is a missionary in the Philippines, has just begun to use the TAN program. May I say that after reviewing the TAN material, what a great job has been done by Dr. Tutton and others in putting the Teaching All Nations program together. This material is giving my son the tools that he needs to build and ground the Lord’s people. This is a great program, and it needs to be used on the mission field to help more nationals and missionaries.”

Our Daughters Are Progressing Through Their Cancer Treatments

How faithful the Lord has been to our daughters and their families. Karen, our youngest daughter, is finished with her treatments and is recovering from surgery. Five people have been saved as a result of her journey. Kim, our oldest, continues to take a pill once a day and a shot once a month. The doctor told her that the shrinkage of the cancer in her lungs is most remarkable, for usually it takes a year to eight years for the pills to shrink the cancer. Praise the Lord! She has no discomfort from the cancer and walks and jogs. Eight people have been saved as a result from her cancer too. God bless you all. Keep praying for us and for TAN!

Ed & Carolyn Tutton
Hosea 4:6