How the Lord has used TAN to challenge nationals and has helped those nationals to GO CHANGE THE WORLD! Quoting Pastor Tanbeki A. Shuai-Bu from the Cheio Bible Institute in Kowyarda Nasarawa State of Africa, who says, “I improved in my soul winning through the TAN workbook on Page 13, where Jesus compelled us to be soul winning, bringing the unsaved to be saved.” Bro. Bob Bowen gave a challenge when he said, “On January 16, 2021, one of the greatest disciples of men I have ever known, Dr. Ed Tutton, went home to Heaven. He was truly the man behind the TEACHING ALL NATIONS materials. Many national pastors are indebted to Dr. Tutton and his love for teaching the next generation of believers the true doctrines of the Bible.” Bro. Charlie Vest recently said, “From the day I heard of Dr. Tutton’s death, I have made a commitment to get the TAN materials into the hands of as many missionaries and national pastors in Asia as possible. I have even made myself available to hold ZOOM calls to teach college students, especially during the pandemic. We are thrilled to see the first group of men from a Remote Access Nation (RAN) graduate from Bible college using the TAN curriculum.” TAN continues to surge and multiply in countries throughout the world in Africa, Laos, the Philippines, China, Thailand, India, South America, and Israel. Churches have been planted in all parts of the world, and soul winning continues. Praise the Lord that Teaching All Nations has taken the challenge to GO CHANGE THE WORLD!


What a spectacular Missions Conference, combined with the FIRST ANNUAL NATIONAL FUNDAMENTAL CHRISTIAN BROADCAST CONVENTION, was held at Triumph Baptist Church (Fort Worth, Texas) with Pastor Bruce Engelman! Besides many guest preachers, Dr. Eddie Wilson, president of Christian Media International, Atlanta, Georgia; Bro. Martin Gibbs, Radio Tech Expert, Pasco, Washington; and Pastor Scott Dean, director of one of the nation’s largest Christian radio ministries were all there. These men wanted to show pastors and missionaries HOW to the spread the Gospel around their cities and around the world with radio programs, radio towers, computers, YouTube, and Facebook. These modern means can reach more people through the local church than ever before. The pastors spoke and cried, as did the radio and computer preachers, and the special-music families cried as they sang—we in the audience cried too. The Holy Spirit moved in for five days and spoke to all of our hearts. We all left with a challenge in our hearts and a commitment to the Lord to GREATLY expand our horizons for the Lord and get the Gospel out in new ways! The two theme songs of the conference were “Turn Your Radio On” and “God’s Royal Telephone.” Because of this Missions Conference, everyone left committed to GO CHANGE THE WORLD!


Because of flying to the conference in Fort Worth, the Lord enabled Carolyn to win the hotel cleaning woman to the Lord, a paramedic who sat beside her on the return plane flight home, and a black man who held the door for her as she exited a place of business. A “scam-likely” call even came on her phone, and she answered with a greeting of “Jesus saves,” and then began to witness. Can you believe that person hung up?! What a switch—but the Gospel was spread. May we awaken to God’s divine appointments that He plans for us every day. Another soul-winning total is the total in “ED’S STEAD,” which now is up to 147 souls who have received Christ. PRAISE THE LORD!

Thank you to all of you pastors and friends who have given and prayed for TAN, so that nationals could be trained in Bible institutes to win people to the Lord around the world. Churches have been started by Bible institute graduates, churches have been planted, and people are being saved. TAN has mushroomed because of God’s hand on it. Thank you for praying for these new national pastors who have been trained and who are in training at the present. We need to continue to GO CHANGE THE WORLD . . . AND WE CAN WITH TAN!

For Teaching All Nations till He comes,

Bro. Adam Ogle, Pastor Greg Ogle, Bro. Mark Bosje, Bro. Bob Bowen, Pastor Andy Schmidt, and Mrs. Carolyn Tutton
Hosea 4:6

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