TAN Update: Expansion During Distraction!WHAT DO MISSIONARIES DO DURING A TIME WHEN THEIR NORMAL SCHEDULE OF TRAVELING, PRESENTING, AND PREACHING IS INTERRUPTED? Our early spring itinerary was to have taken us through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas; but these trips were abruptly halted in Shreveport, Louisiana, when the governor announced that he was imposing restrictions on all meetings within the state. After all the states began shutting down, we decided to head back to Florida. This is where we determined to spend our downtime, since our grandchildren are in Pensacola and our printer for TAN and TOP is in Milton. God led us in the right direction, for we have led five to the Lord during this time.

Some months ago, I promised the Lord that if I had the opportunity, I would begin a project of publishing a series of TOP doctrinal Bible study guides to be used as an “advanced discipleship” program for both TAN and TOP users. This would enable us to take our converts to the next level of their spiritual growth. The virus-pandemic distraction was the perfect opportunity

With the help of several TAN writers, we were able in six weeks to complete TEN Bible study guides entitled GROWING IN FAITH & TRUTH (GIFT series)—Isaiah 25:1—and forward them to our printer. These lessons cover the doctrines of sin, salvation, separation, submission, sacrifice, service, suffering, the Second Coming, soul winning, and the Saviour. Each 13-lesson Bible study guide includes the following:

• A DOCTRINE to study for three months
• A TOPIC relative to the doctrine for each month
• A QUESTION for each week
• A TOTAL of 150 Bible references to read and study
• A PRAYER, asking the Holy Spirit to “guide you into all Truth” (John 16:13)
• A PLACE to journal a thought that the Holy Spirit gives you each day
• An OPPORTUNITY to share Bible truth with others
• A BIBLE STUDY GUIDE to keep for future reference

PRAISE THE LORD! Our overseas ministry [TAN] is sent digitally. This has enabled us to continue to assist our missionaries with their Bible institutes. Thank you for your prayers and support. We are praying for you.

Teaching All Nations,

Ed and Carolyn
Hosea 4:6