TAN Newsletter: Three New Bible Study GuidesLOOKING BACK AT 2019

• What a successful trip it was for Bro. Adam Ogle and Dr. Dan Siemer when they traveled to Malawi, Africa, to hold a conference with over 184 national pastors, instructing them how to use the TEACHING ALL NATIONS and TEACHING OUR PEOPLE materials. Extra materials were given to pastors who wanted to train their converts with the TOP materials. They had 450 sign up to be trained this year. Praise the Lord!
• Our TEACHING ALL NATIONS RV traveled to Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Arkansas, where we conducted Missions Conferences and presented the TEACHING ALL NATIONS and TEACHING OUR PEOPLE to pastors and missionaries.
• Bro. Charlie Vest has been used of the Lord to work on our TAN website.
• TAN and TOP have now begun to be translated into foreign languages.
• Carolyn and I have led 41 people to receive Christ as their personal Saviour.
• On December 12, our baby daughter, Karen Kay Mendez, went to Heaven. She was saved at four and always wanted to please Jesus. She loved reading her Bible, working on bus routes, and even traveled to Ghana, Africa, and led many to Christ. She left behind her devoted husband Danny and little five-year-old Landon. Landon was saved October 2, 2019. This made Karen so very happy. Please continue to pray for Danny and Landon as they serve the Lord.


• We are now at Victory Baptist Church in Milton, Florida, where they will begin printing a series of 10 NEW doctrinal discipleship Bible-study guides.
• We will be attending conferences in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.


• TAN is raising funds for and planning THREE overseas trips.
• New videos are being prepared for our websites at teachingallnations.net.
• We are looking forward to filling our schedule with Missions Conferences.
• We are thanking you for your continued prayers and financial support.

Living in His grace,

Ed and Carolyn
(Hosea 4:6)