Ted Speer Prayer Letter: A Teenager Influences Her Parents for ChristNew Converts

Recently a teenager in our church came to me and asked if I would come and witness to her parents. I was happy to oblige, and I was pleased to meet Kwadwo and Ama. They were both saved, baptized, and are now faithfully attending church. This past Saturday Kwadwo asked us to visit one of his friends he is inviting to church.

New Church Building

I am happy to report that we have made great strides on completing our new church building. Please pray that this project would be completed soon.

Family Life

James is busy building a chicken coop so that he can raise some chickens. I am very happy with his initiative and creativity. Kimberly is very busy volunteering at the church during the school break; she is a big help! Rachel and Grace are enjoying their summer with Elizabeth doing a lot of crafts. Lastly, Michael is enjoying his last days at home before he starts school in September.
This has been a year of increased electrical power outages. We have been out of power for approximately 700 hours so far in this calendar year. The majority of that outage has taken place in the past two months. We are happy to have a small, efficient generator and a water-holding tank, which make life more comfortable.

Prayer Requests

• More disciples to train for ministry
• The health of our missionaries
• Support for the Hall family–they are on deputation to join our ministry.
• Support for the Christiansen family–they are also on deputation to join our ministry.

Yours for souls,