Shari House Prayer Letter:  Summer Program, Salvation Stories, and Sermon FirstsSummer Program

I’d like to start by saying thank you to all who fervently prayed for me during my health emergency several months ago. I have fully recovered from the pancreatitis and the gallbladder removal surgery. What a blessing and comfort it was to know that you were praying for me.

We held our first “Summer Program” at the beginning of March. The first week 265 people attended, and we had the privilege of honoring Pastor Mark Bosje as the founding pastor and thanking three other pastors who have been avid supporters of our work. The second week our people had the amazing experience of hearing Dr. Philip Pope preach in Thai. Because of the many years he labored translating the Bible into Thai, our people are blessed to be able to read the Word of God in their own language. The third week our guest speaker was Ajan Pitak and his dear wife, who are one of three missionary families our church supports.

Salvation Stories

1. Kuhn Yai has been faithfully attending our church for two years and has become very soul-conscious. While speaking to her friend Rung on the phone, she began to witness to her. Rung was very interested, so Kuhn Yai called me, and we went together to Rung’s house. As I was giving the Gospel to Rung, Kuhn Yai kept interjecting her agreement and saying “Amen” after every verse of Scripture I read. Her friend sweetly bowed her head and was saved.

2. About 11 months ago, I took Kuhn Yai on a trip to the airport in Bangkok. She asked if we could try to meet up with her daughter whom she hadn’t seen in years. Her daughter came to the airport with some friends but only stayed for a few minutes. Before she left, I handed her a tract, and she promised to read it. Kuhn Yai continued to “water” that seed and encouraged her daughter to believe in Jesus. Several months later we made another run to Bangkok. We were able to catch her daughter at work on her lunch break. This time God gave the increase. We had a lovely long chat with her, and she was ready to trust Christ. I’ve never seen Kuhn Yai so happy.

3. One day after Pii Lak and I had already been to the Ministry of Immigration to file paperwork, we headed to the Ministry of Labor, about an hour and a half away from my home. Halfway there my truck suddenly died. I was confused as to why both my fuel tank and LPG tank were reading empty since I knew I had a full tank of LPG. I thought maybe the Devil was just fighting us since we were short on time and needed to submit the work permit paperwork that day for the Mercer family and myself. With the help of a “Good Samaritan,” we were able to get some fuel, and Pii Lak gave her the Gospel. We arrived with time to spare, and instead of having to wait the normal three days, they renewed our work permits for another year on the spot. A few days later, just before I took my truck to the shop to get my LPG tank gauge repaired, it started working again! In the end, I decided that the Devil had nothing to do with it. This lady was just ready to get saved, and we happened to be crossing her path. “. . . I being in the way, the LORD led me . . . .” (Genesis 24:27)

Singhat’s First Sermon

Pii Singhat and his wife Pii Joom are converts from our first church plant about six years ago. They have become faithful church members and consistent soul winners. We hired them on full-time staff almost two years ago, and we value their friendship and eagerness to grow in the Lord. Pii Singhat’s main responsibilities have been maintenance around the church and school properties, visitation, and coordinating songtau routes for church pickups. It nearly brought me to tears to listen to him preach his first sermon a couple months ago. Since then he has preached a few times. We are excited about what the Lord has in store for these dear servants. Please continue to pray for me, for our work here in Thailand, and for the growth of our converts.