Shari House Prayer Letter:  Ministry MilestonesMinistry Milestones

We held our first ladies’ meeting for the church here in Hua Hin on August 9. I was asked to spearhead the activity, and with the help of all the team ladies and the Lord’s blessing, the event was a huge success. The theme was “In Christ a New Creature,” and all the decorations, games, and gifts focused on butterflies. Praise the Lord! We had 98 in attendance, and 9 trusted Christ as their Saviour!

Two major milestones happened that day. First, a personal milestone for me was speaking only in Thai for the entire event so it could be translated into Karen for our Karen members. The Lord granted grace and helped me recall words I didn’t even know I knew. The second and most priceless milestone was having one of our Thai converts bring the devotional. Pii Joom did an amazing job. When we asked her to speak, we were unaware that she had grown up on a silkworm farm and was very acquainted with the changes a caterpillar goes through when becoming a butterfly. As she began making application to the changes that occurred in her own life when she left Buddhism and became a Christian, I was astounded at how the Lord had orchestrated everything. At the end of the meeting, each lady was given a butterfly necklace as a reminder of God’s desire to transform them as well.

God’s Goodness

One of the most important ministry tools for a single lady is a dependable vehicle. For years now I have watched as the Lord has provided greatly in this area for me, whether it be the actual vehicle, church men who serviced my vehicle, or providing the money for needed repairs. Although it never gets old to me, I get such joy at how the Thai people react when they see the Lord blessing me.

We recently had some construction on a building right next to our church. Several of us ended up with nails in our tires from where they hadn’t cleaned up properly. I had two tires with punctures. I had been told by one of our Thai staff men to be prepared to pay about $175 for each new tire, because buying used tires was not the best option, as they were normally very “used.” I told him I was sure the Lord would take care of it, whether He gave me the money or sorted it out another way. On the day we went to the shop to check on used tires, he couldn’t believe they had the exact tires I needed, that they were basically brand new with no wear on them, and that they sold them to me for $57 each. On the way home, he just kept saying, “Wow! God bless you lots! All the time!” And that He does.

Caring Christians

I am always humbled by the great desire our church members have to see their friends, family, and neighbors saved. One Sunday evening I went to pick up Kuhn Yai and the girls for church. Some of her family from out of town had dropped by for a quick visit. She asked if we could take the time to give them the Gospel. Praise the Lord! All 4 adults got saved.

In August many of our Karen members have a month off from work, as the fruit factories close for a yearly cleaning and maintenance. They like to take this opportunity to invite people into their homes to share a meal and to testify of God’s goodness to them that year. With the windows wide open and over 40 people gathered, it was a great testimony to their unsaved neighbors. I was humbled as I sat and listened to them sing and praise the Lord.

El, one of our college-aged members, asked me to take her to visit some of her friends from school. We had a lovely chat, and I was able to share my personal testimony and the Gospel with them. After answering their many questions, and due mostly to El’s faithful witness since meeting them, all 4 bowed their heads and trusted Christ as their Saviour. Praise the Lord!

Please pray for God to continue working here in Thailand!

Shari House