Shari House Prayer Letter:  Fruits of the SpiritFruits of the Spirit

Over the past few months, the Junior Church children have been learning about the fruits of the Spirit. Each week they came, they were given a fruit sticker to put on their tree chart. At the end of the lesson each week, they were given a piece of “fruit” that corresponded with that week’s lesson. They were to record how they had shown that particular fruit of the Spirit at home or school during the week—strawberries for love, oranges for peace, grapes for patience, etc.—and bring it back the next Sunday. It was amazing to see our basket fill up and overflow.

Beautiful Brides

It was a joy to attend three very special weddings in the months of May, June, and July. Dazae was one of my first students in my Single Ladies’ Karen Sunday School Class from a few years ago. She and her husband met at church and attend faithfully. We are excited for their future. Becka is the daughter of my dearest friends and ministry partners for so many years. It was my privilege to watch her grow up from a little girl to a beautiful, godly woman. She is as dear to me as if she were my own. Tori, my beautiful niece, got married just a few weeks ago. As a missionary, you miss so many life events in the lives of those you love dearly. Words can’t express how thankful I was that the Lord made it possible for me to be there for a few weeks and share in her special day.

Karen Orphanage

The Karen orphanage that is about 45 minutes from our ministry had been asking me for months to come teach English and the Bible to the children. With my busy ministry schedule, it is hard to find the time, but I finally made it there on a Saturday when our own language school wasn’t having classes. I spent the day teaching the children phonics, grammar, and vocabulary. We played games and sang songs, and then I taught a Bible lesson on God’s love toward us, our love toward God, and about being a 5-star Christian: faithful to (1) love others and witness, (2) read the Bible, (3) pray, (4) go to church, and (5) tithe. They loved making these 3D-star reminders.

Northeast Ohio Ladies’ Seminar

The week before my niece’s wedding, I had the opportunity to host a ladies’ seminar at my home church. God gave us an amazing day, with 180 ladies attending from over 20 different churches. Our theme was “She Soars” and focused on learning how to soar in the Christian life and how to help others soar. The mother and daughter pictured below sell kites at a small roadside stand just outside the town where I live. I ordered a couple dozen from them to use for decorations for the seminar. When I returned to pick them up, praise the Lord, both of these sweet ladies trusted Christ.

Shari House