Christmas Programs in the Schools

In December we were able to present our Christmas Program in 10 new schools located within 20 minutes of our new church property. Over 2,000 students, teachers, and staff heard the Gospel and received a copy of a John and Romans in Thai. We are so thankful to BEST missions, which supplies us with Bibles and John and Romans, and for the many who trusted Christ. Praise the Lord!

Valentine’s Sunday

We always do a photo shoot for Valentine’s Sunday. Some of our people say it is the only time they get their picture taken, and it is how they mark how much they have aged over the year. It was so exciting to have over 20 couples present on that day. What was even more special was that none of them were visitors. It is a blessing to see these family units grow stronger and stronger each year. Praise the Lord!

Divine Appointments

Pathum has been attending our church faithfully for over a year now and came out soul winning with us for the first time a few weeks ago. While we were talking to a couple of ladies, another lady rode up on her bicycle and called out to Pathum. The lady was a friend she hadn’t seen in almost a year. Pathum had a chance to share her testimony, and her friend sweetly trusted Christ.

Hua Hin is filled with tiny little lanes called sois that run off the main roads. They can wind in and out and have tons of dwellings tucked away on them. Lauren Shook and I aren’t fans of soi dogs, and one night while out visiting, we had to dodge a few by turning down a couple different sois, which led us to these three siblings who trusted Christ. I’m not usually thankful for soi dogs, but I was that night.

Just last week, Pathum and I were headed to a particular soi to try to find some people to invite to church, but we got caught up chatting and missed the turn. Instead of spending the next 15 minutes doing a U-turn and coming back again, we quickly prayed and decided to park on the main road as soon as there was a spot, which is no small feat. There just happened to be an open spot right in front of a small store that sells water systems and parts. As there were no customers inside, we had the chance to witness to the owner Aom and her daughter Pang. They both sweetly got saved.

Peter is a Norwegian man in his 80s. His wife Dem attended our church for about a year several years ago. During the time Dem attended church, Peter was witnessed to by nearly all of us on our team. Randy Shook took a particular interest in Peter and had many long discussions with him. The result was always the same. Peter was trusting in his infant baptism and his good works. At one point, Peter suffered a horrendous motorcycle accident. Try as we might, this still did not soften his heart to the Gospel. At a hospital visit recently, Missy Shook, Brittany Beil, and I just happened to pass Peter’s daughter getting off the elevator as we were getting on. We learned Peter had suffered a heart attack and was in ICU. The staff allowed us to visit, and after some chitchatting, Missy and I started to approach the subject of his salvation. After much back and forth, Missy just laid it all out on the line and told him her concern for his soul. Something changed in Peter, and he said he was ready to trust Christ. I had the privilege of leading him through the sinner’s prayer. I’ve never prayed such a long sinner’s prayer, making sure he knew he was renouncing everything he had trusted in before and placing his trust solely in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When we got done praying, there were tears all around. Praise the Lord!

Serving the Master joyfully,

Shari House