Shari House Prayer Letter:  Chinese Noodle Factory Ladies' Bible StudyMinistry of Education Review

The missionaries on our team obtain their work visas and work permits through our English language school, and we praise the Lord for another successful review from the Ministry of Education. Reports must be filled out on a regular basis and turned in to the government, but every couple of years, they send out representatives to assess the school, the curriculum, the staff, our relationship with the community, etc. At our recent review, the representatives were very pleased with everything they saw. There is an unbelievable amount of work that goes into keeping the school running, and we are thankful to be blessed with a wonderful staff. We praise the Lord for Bro. Sakrapee and his dear wife Udomlak, who work tirelessly to keep up with all the legal paperwork, enabling us to live and minister freely here in Thailand.

Chinese Noodle Factory Ladies’ Bible Study

You may recall from my last prayer letter that Missy Shook and I started two monthly ladies’ Bible studies this year. One is at our new church plant in Nong Plap, and the other one is 40 minutes north of the church in a town called Chaam. Both of these studies are going very well, and we have been so encouraged by the growth of the ladies and the increase in number of those attending. On May 30, we started a third ladies’ Bible study at a Chinese noodle factory just north of Chaam. There are about 35 Karen workers in total at the factory, and almost all of them attend our church on their one day off each month. Their work schedule doesn’t permit the ladies to attend the Bible study in Chaam, so they asked us to please start one at the factory. The three ladies pictured are in my Sunday school class and offered their living quarters at the factory for a meeting place.

This Bible study is held on the Tuesday night of the same week we have the Friday and Saturday studies. We had 13 ladies, along with some children, attend the first meeting in May, and 15 or so came to the meeting in June. I am continually humbled by their desire to learn the Word of God. Even after a long, hard day of work, not having dinner, and sitting on the hard, tiled floor in a small room for two hours listening to me teach, they were still wanting more. They requested memory verses to learn and were so excited to have study sheets to take to their rooms and do for homework. It caused me great conviction. Oh to desire to learn the Word of God like that . . . above tiredness . . . above hunger . . . above comfort.

Overseas Visitors

Separation from friends and family comes with the territory when you agree to be a missionary in another country. There have been times on the field where I’ve gone five years or more without a visit from anyone. This can be hard, but it is something you learn to endure for the greater cause. This year, though, my cousin Kate came for a visit in April. My dearest friend Jacqui came from New Zealand for three weeks in May. My other dearest friend Amber came in June with her kids, followed by her husband and a group from FBMI. And the icing on the cake is that my parents will arrive in November to spend Thanksgiving with me!
What a joy it is to share the work the Lord has called me to with the ones I am separated from in order to do it.

It was a privilege to host the FBMI group for a meal in my home while they were here. I loved introducing Jacqui to our dear Thai people and exploring a bit of Thailand’s beauty together. And no words can express my gratefulness for the three weeks I had with my “kiddos” (AKA the Bosje kids) and their mom. God obviously knew I needed visitors this year, and He blessed me abundantly. If you ever find yourself in Thailand, come and see me. I have a great guest room, and I’d love to show you the work the Lord is doing here in Hua Hin.

Shari House