Shari House Prayer Letter: Canvassing ProgramAfter being in lockdown for more than half of the year, it was wonderful to be able to have in-person services for most of the end of 2021. Before the year was finished, we began a canvassing program, with the hope of reaching every home in our city with the Gospel. Each packet contains a book of John and Romans, one tract in Thai and one in English, and one of our “God Loves You” cards, which offers a bag of groceries to families in need. I have led nearly 10 people to the Lord myself through this one effort, and many of my fellow missionaries and our Thai staff have seen souls saved as well. Pray for us that we will be able to accomplish our goal.

In December, I was able to host a Christmas-cookie activity for some of our teen girls. We had a lovely night of baking and fellowshipping together. I took the opportunity to speak to the girls about God having a plan for their lives like He did for Mary and about striving to live a life pleasing to the Lord so that He could bless them and use their lives for His honor and glory. Please pray for our teenagers. Many of them live in difficult circumstances, and the pull from the things of the world is strong.

The Heavenly Treasures Orphan Project continues to be blessed in so many ways. I praise the Lord that He once again provided the needed funds to care for the children for the entire year. The children were also blessed with a wonderful Christmas party that was made possible by funds the Lord provided unexpectedly. Here is a link to a short video where you can see how the Lord provided and watch the kids as they open their gifts and give gifts to their caretakers. Please pray that the Lord continues to provide the needed funds for these dear children.

We have had a wonderful start to the year 2022. Our ministries continue to grow, progress is being made on our new land, and many souls have been saved already. Here is the story of one of the people I’ve been able to see trust Christ.

Pii Seenuan lives in Phetchaburi, over an hour away from Hua Hin. She has been attending church faithfully for a few years now. She has a great burden for her friends and family, and many of her loved ones have come to know Christ. A couple of months ago, she brought her aunt, Yin, to church, and she was saved. A few weeks later, Yin was baptized. The very next morning, Yin’s daughter, who had only been out of jail for a couple of months after serving a four-year stint for selling and using drugs, came to her house high on drugs and beat her up quite badly. Missy Shook and I learned of this sad event a few days later while visiting one of our other church members in that area. We decided to visit Pii Seenuan and see if we could go to Yin’s house and try to be an encouragement to her. It is not the Thai culture to show much emotion, but Yin wept in Missy’s arms as she comforted her, prayed for her, and assured her of our love for her and God’s love for her. Pii Seenuan asked if we would be willing to give the Gospel to her uncle, Amapuht. He is 83 years old and suffered a stroke last year. Amaphut is nearly blind and almost completely deaf. It was my great privilege to “yell” the Gospel into his ear. He so sweetly got saved, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room as he prayed and asked the Lord to save him. As we were driving Pii Seenuan back to her home, she could not contain her joy and said, “I did not think this morning when I woke up that today would be the day my beloved uncle would trust Christ as His Saviour. Thank God! Praise the Lord!”

Shari House