Scott Christiansen Prayer Letter:  God's Rewards“. . . to him that soweth righteousness shall be a sure reward.” (Proverbs 11:18)

It has been a very busy two months in my life, but I have enjoyed seeing how the Lord has given a rich reward for that which has been sown over the years.

Our Bible college finished out its academic year in April. We had our 3rd graduation, with two young men receiving their diplomas. Praise God for what He is doing in the lives of our students!

On April 23, I arrived in Chicago to begin two months of furlough after being on the field for three years. My son Caleb picked me up at the airport, and it was a joy to meet his wife Emily for the first time. They had just returned from a three-week survey trip to Nigeria and had many stories to tell. In May, they attended FBMI’s Candidate School and have now set their sights on working with the Holmes family in Nigeria after completing deputation. I am proud of their devotion to Christ.

I spent a couple of weeks renewing ties with the staff of FBMI, speaking at a Missions Luncheon at Hyles-Anderson College, and visiting my oldest son Nathan and his family. I was able to visit my wife’s grave and thank God for her testimony, which is still reaping rewards.

I traveled by Greyhound bus to my parents’ home in Michigan and have treasured having personal time with them. My son Joel and his wife Crystal, who are serving the Lord nearby at Beth Haven Baptist Church, are doing well as staff in their church school.

In May, I flew out to Maine to spend a week with my son Amos and his wife Lacey. I was introduced to two granddaughters I had not met yet–Debbie and Esther. I was able to spend some time helping Amos promote the opening of the church he is starting on Father’s Day—Crossroads Baptist Church in Winslow, Maine. My heart was full to see how the Lord is helping them to overcome many trials and is blessing their service for the Saviour.

May has been busy as I tend to details that can only be done in the States and report to some of my supporting churches. God’s people have been very gracious as I have shared with them what the Lord is accomplishing in our team’s ministry in the Philippines. I have rejoiced to be with pastors who are staying true to their calling as fundamental Baptist preachers and to see families I pastored years ago who are continuing to be faithful.

Meanwhile, the work continues in Dumaguete. Our VBS in April reached over 800 different children who met at 21 locations for 5 days. They saw 421 saved! In May, our annual Teen Rally was blessed of the Lord, as over 120 teens met together for 3 days of preaching and fellowship. Many important decisions were made for the Lord, including many who have decided to go to Bible college to train for the Lord’s service. Amen!

Please pray for our work as I return to the Philippines on June 22 to continue sowing righteousness among the people I love. Because of your faithfulness, you will share in the reward that the Lord will continue to give us there.

Yours for souls,

Scott Christiansen