Scott Christiansen Prayer Letter: God Is Not Bound!“Wherein I suffer trouble . . . even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound.” (II Timothy 2:9)

During the last two months, our community quarantine has continued, extended every two weeks. Those under 20 and over 59 are restricted to their homes. People may still go to work, but under restrictions. We are given one pass per household to go out shopping each week.

Our church was at first limited to sharing services online, then up to 10 people per gathering, and now up to “50% capacity,” but with many restrictions, including social distancing. We still have had no community spread of COVID-19 in our area, but the resources of our people and our government are largely depleted.

Our children and teens have not been allowed to be in public or church since March, and this concerns us regarding their spiritual growth. While the Facebook Live church services help, it is not the same as assembling together. Our Bible college has not been able to have classes, but our students are still together in their boarding houses. They are using their time to prepare for our eventual “release” by printing over 24,000 tracts and witnessing online. Several of our students have led several to Christ on social media as they search for old classmates who are also feeling the effects of the quarantines. We are thankful for “divine appointments” that have given opportunities for soul winning.

We have created a new outreach using Facebook Messenger called Foundations of My Faith. We have encouraged our people to take this series of lessons written by Pastor John Wilkerson. They then teach others who sign up after seeing our local advertizing on Facebook. Some have been saved, and many are growing in their walk with God because of this material.

Thank you for being faithful to the Lord as you face your own struggles due to the pandemic and as America faces turmoil. Our people pray for you and are thankful for your support, which enables us to keep our ministry going forward.

My oldest son and his wife in Indiana came down with what we believe was COVID-19 a few weeks ago. Thankfully, they and their family had fairly minor or no symptoms. I am thankful for the Lord providing protection that is more than what I could have offered had I been able to be with them in the States.

I remind myself that when our plans are frustrated due to circumstances beyond our control, it may be that is when God is most at work. Jacob came to a point in a drought where he said, “All these things are against me!” But God was using Joseph to deliver him and raise up the nation of Israel from which our Saviour came.

May God give us all grace, peace, and wisdom as we continue to obey the Great Commission!

Looking forward to the shout,

Scott Christiansen