Sarver Family Prayer Letter: Meet a Few of Our Bible College StudentsDear Friend,

On Sunday, April 27, Maria came down with a fever with cold chills and sweats—a warning sign for malaria. After a visit to the doctor, we started Maria on malaria medicine. She was so weak. However, by Thursday the fever was gone, and Maria’s strength was back. God has been merciful to us. Many thanks to those of you who prayed for us. Through this illness I was reminded once again what a great help she is to me; I am so blessed to be able to serve with her here in Ghana.

Redeeming the Time:

This week I am privileged to be teaching at Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa. I have 12 men in my Time Management class. Let me introduce you to my class:
Frederick Addo-Tettey: At age 67, Brother Addo-Tettey is a senior saint. Once per month this gracious man makes the five-hour-plus trip from Accra to Kumasi to study for a week with us in pursuit of his bachelor’s degree. He is a great encouragement to me as a teacher. He often tells me how he takes what he learns in Bible college and teaches it, as he has opportunity, at his home church.
James Adjabeng, Otchere Boachie, James Boadu, and Emmanuel Owusu: These four men are members of our church, productive soul winners, and Bus Ministry workers.
Nicholas Ansah: Nicholas and his wife Veronica are doing such a great job raising their four precious children. They are soul winners in the Life Builders Sunday School Class. Then one weekend a month, Brother Ansah travels to the Western Region to help pastor a group of people in the village of Sayerano.
Francis Creppy and George Owusu: Both were reached by our church and continue to grow in grace.
Pastor John Jantuah: Brother Jantuah pastors a church in the Accra area. He deals with back pain regularly; in spite of that, he makes the trip each month to continue work on his bachelor’s degree.
Yawo Kplevi: Brother Kplevi is Togolese (from our neighboring country of Togo). He has almost completed his bachelor’s degree. He serves at Jesus Saves Baptist Church in Adowsu, Eastern Region.
Pastor Isaac Kwaw: Brother Kwaw pastors a church in Obuasi. He has only missed one month since he enrolled in our college in October 2010. Our college and pastors’ conference has helped Pastor Kwaw become a soul winner. Last year he started another church, and last month he brought one of his converts with him to Bible college.
Pastor Samson Laniran: Brother Laniran is a Nigerian missionary to Ghana. He pastors a church in a different part of Kumasi. He has a great spirit and is a joy to have in our college.

Please pray for all these men that God would use them greatly. Pray that God would send us more like them to train.

Thank you again for your prayers on our behalf!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith