Sarver Family Prayer Letter:  Margaret's Husband Trusts ChristDear Friend,

A Faithful Member Brings a Friend. Elizabeth Antwi has been a faithful member of my Common Faith Adult Sunday School Class since 2009. On July 15, 2012, she brought a visitor—her friend, Margaret Peprah. Margaret was baptized at our church the following Sunday. Margaret also became a faithful member and even started helping me with our Sunday school attendance Sunday mornings.

Diabetes Strikes! However, as of this writing, Margaret has not been to church since November 2013. Due to her diabetes, Margaret developed an infection in her foot, which has been very slow to heal. Her eyesight has also been affected. Diabetes is a common struggle for the elderly here. Kwabena and Simon, two of my other class members, have missed church many times due to similar issues.

The Silver Lining: After Margaret had missed a few Sundays, two of our staff men, Dominic and Alex, visited Margaret in her home. During that visit they met Margaret’s husband Stephen, and they were able to win him to Christ. Several years ago Stephen had a stroke, which left one side of his body nearly paralyzed. He gets around only with much difficulty, so he has not been going to church. Not only that, Stephen was of a different religion. So Margaret was delighted that her husband responded to the Gospel!

A Christmas Visit: On Christmas Day our family of five visited Margaret and took her some rice. We prayed with Margaret. I could tell that her family was very pleased with our church’s concern for them. In January Dominic and Alex visited the family again and were told that Margaret still was not able to come but that her husband wanted to come to our church to be baptized!

A Brave Effort: We worked out the transportation for Stephen, and he came to our church for the first time on February 9 of this year. Although it was physically a struggle for him, Stephen was baptized that day! He has come to our church three times since, including this past Sunday.

Uncomfortable Living Conditions: On top of the physical challenges Margaret and Stephen face, their very small apartment was remodeled in March—while they still lived there! The landlord had tile put in and extra plaster put on the walls to help keep the rain from seeping into their home. Still, every time I visit this couple, I am encouraged by their happy spirit. Margaret’s foot is almost healed, but keep praying for her. I believe she will be back in church—with her husband—very soon! Pray also for their spiritual growth.

I thank God for faithful church members, for friends, for soul winners, for the Gospel, and for missions-minded folks like you!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, and Faith