Ron Back Prayer Letter:  Three Baptisms in One FamilyGod is so good! We would like to update everyone on Bruno and Maria from our last letter. They have been attending Anchor Baptist Church in Berwick, pastored by Missionary Rijn Abrell. This is a huge blessing because Anchor Baptist is only 15 minutes from their home.

We started August off by celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary. I can’t praise God enough for a wonderful wife who wants to follow me and help me serve God. The rest of the month flew by with regular services and soul-winning efforts.

September started with seeing Jack (whom I led to the Lord in January), his twin sister Dakota, and his older sister Tanya-Marie get baptized. What a joyous time it was! Their grandfather was overwhelmed with joy to see them all baptized. It was a happy but sad occasion because their mother wouldn’t even come to see them baptized. We ask you to pray for these young people. It seems like they are fighting Satan, not only at home in their relationships but also at school. I would love to see all three of them live and have triumphant Christian lives. There seemed to be a lot of illness in the church during this month as the seasons changed.

During the first week of October, we went to the National Baptist Fellowship meeting. It is the only nationwide Bible conference in the country. This year it was in Adelaide, South Australia, only an 11-hour drive from us. It was a blessing to be able to meet new pastors and also encourage old friends. The topic of the preaching this year was “Holy, Holy, Holy! The Lord God is Holy (Revelation 4:8).” All the preaching revolved around this topic; it was very interesting to see a conference preached solely out of one text. They had 12 main speakers, and several new missionaries presented. This year was all Australian national pastors. We would love to have our own Bible conference here in Gippsland. If everyone would please pray for us, the expense would probably be around $10,000 for the church, but I believe God would provide. Also, while we were at the NBF, we received confirmation that we can take our naturalization test in November. Once we pass this test, we still need to wait until they schedule us a swearing-in date, hopefully, on Australia Day in January.

Prayer Requests: (1) More souls to be saved and baptized, (2) for the church to grow and have better attendance, and (3) for us to be able to go on furlough in 2020.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia