Ron Back Prayer Letter:  Thank You for Another Year of SupportWe want to thank you all for another year of financial and prayer support. All of our churches are so vital to us being able to stay here; we can’t say thank you enough. We hope and pray that each and every one of you had a very Merry Christmas and got to spend time with your loved ones. It seems as if Christmas is always under attack. Here it is very nice to hear people say “Merry Christmas” everywhere. Even at the main station in Melbourne, they had a “Merry Christmas” banner displayed. They also had a 30-foot-tall Lego Christmas tree, complete with a surfboard and a koala bear. Here it is unique that they decorate homes and stores with fake snowmen and icicles, even though the season is summer and it’s hot—really hot. You will also hear “Happy Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” and see a lot of penguins. Laura is missing the Rose Parade in Pasadena, as it was a family tradition for her. She used to volunteer to flower and decorate the floats.

We are praising the Lord that Calvary Baptist Church was able to go Christmas caroling at two local nursing homes and pass out Christmas cards. This initial visit opened the doors for future visits where we can share the Gospel. We are trying hard to have an outreach ministry to the community, along with soul winning, to let the people know we truly care about them. We are praising the Lord also for passing out almost 4,000 tracts in just the last few months. In November and December, we have had three visitors. Laura got to lead a lady named Susan to Christ on December 6, and she has been coming to church faithfully since. She and her husband are dairy farmers, and she reminds us so much of our deacon’s wife, Mrs. McSherry, at our home church. The attendance has been steady, with all attending our service on Christmas morning, which here in Australia is a tradition and custom, even if it doesn’t fall on a regular service day.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for our family, as we are going through another attack from Satan, this one focusing on our children. Please pray for our move; pray that we find the right house that we can stay in until we can buy a home here. Pray also for a vehicle for me and the ministry. Pray for Calvary Baptist Church, for people to show more interest, for visitors to come, and for people to be saved and baptized. Pray for Gerrod, who hasn’t come to church yet, for Susan’s husband to start attending, and also for her to be baptized.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia