Ron Back Prayer Letter: Still Seeking the LostGod is so good! Our church continues to search for people to be saved. We saw Steve, the owner of Autobarn, an auto parts store and the boss of one of our young men, trust Christ as his Saviour. We had been praying for this man for over a year. We are all rejoicing and praying he comes to church. Out soul winning, we are still giving the Gospel as much as possible. Last week I came across four different Catholic families on one street. I was able to get through the Gospel with all of them! One of the men greeted me with, “My name is James, and I’m Catholic.” I replied, “Does that mean what it means in America—‘I don’t go to church’?” He laughed with me and said, “Yes.” He did not want the tract that I gave him, but after I verbally gave him the Gospel, he kept it. Please pray that he gets saved. Also, please continue to pray for the people’s hearts here to be open to the Gospel.

The Evans family, one of the most faithful families coming to our church, got to go to America for the first time because of their homeschool group. They were so excited because the entire family—all nine of them—got to go. They will be spending a week in Texas and then go to Petersburg, Kentucky, to see the Creation Museum. Please continue to pray for them to become members.

Pastor and Mrs. Frazier, from Burnette, Texas, are here ministering to some of their best friends, Brother and Mrs. Blanchard, after his cancer surgery. While they have been here, he has been a blessing in the pulpit and out soul winning. I love seeing pastors from the States come to Australia, especially when they come because their missionaries are ill and they want to help. If anyone would like to come visit us and see Australia, we would be happy to house you and take you around to see the sites, along with giving you opportunities to preach and go soul winning. It’s refreshing for us when we see supporting pastors here on the field.

Brother Blanchard’s cancer surgery went well. They had to remove a large portion of his stomach and then rebuild it. He has quite a bit of pain and is still tired, but he is recovering well. Mrs. Blanchard is nursing him, and her pregnancy with their ninth child is going well.

Please continue to pray for the church to grow, for the Blanchards, for people to get saved and baptized, and for our health.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia