Ron Back Prayer Letter:  More Visitors in ChurchGod is so good! He has sent us several more visitors to Calvary Baptist Church. Unfortunately, they just wanted to interrupt the service or correct us on our belief of eternal security, grace, and Jesus Christ as God. I had never seen anything like it in America, where somebody came into a Baptist church and tried to tell us we were wrong as far as Christ being God. We’re not going to get down over it; we are just going to continue on for the Lord.

Out soul winning, we have had several blessings, one of which was that my heart was broken for the people here. We met an 80-plus-year-old Catholic woman who had never had a Gospel witness come to her door. She was friendly and received the tract, but I made no progress in witnessing to her. We had another visit with a lady named Stella and her husband Joe. Again, they received the tract and were interested in telling us they were from Italy. It was amazing for me knowing that my friends the Yetzers were in their country while they were here. The Holy Spirit convicted me on how important it is for all of us to be soul winners everywhere. The last blessing from soul winning was that I got to speak with Garry Blackwood, our local MP (Member of Parliament, similar to a Senator or Congressman in the USA), in his driveway. I interrupted him getting ready to leave for a hiking trip. He stressed that he was very happy that we were out sharing our “religion” with the community. He let me know he was a Catholic and not looking for a church, but he did take the tract and was very civil. I am praying that I will run into him again and get further with the Gospel.

We had a surprise visit from the missions director of one of our supporting churches! Brother Darren Yingling from Grace Baptist in Colorado stopped over for one day. He was over here for a work-related trip and spent the night in Melbourne. The Lord allowed me to pick him up from the airport, and what a day we had! I knew Bro. Yingling would be tired. I explained to him that if he would let me, I would run him to death (Ha! Ha!) and show him as much of the city as I could. So I gave him the fifty-cent tour, which included Victoria Market and the Melbourne Library/Museum. We were also able to ride the train to and from the city and then down to our home in Warragul, where he got to see the church and the area. I was a little disappointed because the sun went down just before we got to Warragul, but he was very excited with his little excursion/missions day. We enjoyed having dinner with him and had a wonderful time of fellowship. It truly brightened my day. If any of you would like to come and have a missions trip to Australia, we would love to have you, or if you are just having a layover near us, we would love to meet with you. Thank you also for all the cards that are sent by so many of you, especially the birthday cards; they are so deeply appreciated and mean so much to us.

Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for more souls to be saved, for more visitors to come and join the church, and for our health and safety as we serve here on the field.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia
133 Burke Street
Warragul, VIC 3820