Ron Back Prayer Letter: Heaps of Visitors!

God is so good! He has brought in “good” visitors! In our last prayer letter, we had visitors coming to correct us. Since then, we have had heaps! Some have stayed, and some have been saved! We have had two men named Nick, a lady named Laura, Ian and Julie (a couple who has been several times), and another man named Russell visit our services recently. Sandi was reached when my daughter Mary and I were out soul winning together. She came to the door thinking we were Jehovah’s Witnesses and was ready to give us some Bible! The first praise out of my mouth was, “Hello, and we’re not JWs!” Immediately she cracked a smile. She is in her 60s and has two hearing aids. It’s hard for her to hear, but God let her see that we were honestly concerned about her spiritual well-being. She gave us a solid salvation testimony and told us she was in the Salvation Army Church for many years. She told us she was looking for a new church, and she would be at ours the next day. To say the least, my faith wasn’t what it should be, and I was skeptical that we would see her. Praise the Lord! The very next morning, she was there for Sunday school. She has only missed one service in the last month because she was ill. Praise the Lord for sending us a senior lady! Here is Warragul, the majority of the population are senior Australians, and I’m begging God to help us reach those seniors.

We had a church during this time contact me and tell me they were specifically praying for the work here in Warragul. I do believe these visitors are a direct result of you praying for our ministry. Sammy, a 27-year-old young lady who works at the college, was talking to Bubba, and he invited her to church. The very next Sunday in Sunday school, I was teaching on King David and Johnathan, a great example of godly friends. While I was finishing up my lesson, I made a point to tell the adult class that in order to have a godly friend, they must first be saved, and second, their friend must be saved, or they will end up with friends like Job had. After the morning service, Sammy was extremely troubled, so I told Laura to go and talk to her. Praise the Lord! Sammy trusted Jesus Christ as her Saviour. This was the first time she had ever been in church. Praise the Lord! She has only missed one service since.

We have come to a place where we had to get another car. I am so excited! I was able to get a 1995 Ford Currier UTE for only $2,600.00. God has already blessed us with it. I was out letterboxing in the bush/outback, and I got stuck. Praise God for 4-wheel-drive! I was about 20 miles from any town at a locked gate on a dead-end gravel road in the rain, but the Lord gave me a vehicle we will be able to use for years letterboxing and soul winning for Christ. Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Sammy and Sandi and for more visitors to visit Calvary so the church will grow.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia
133 Burke Street
Warragul, VIC 3820