Ron Back Prayer Letter:  Brand-New Church Started in WarragulGod is so good! Family Camp was a huge blessing! Our speaker, Pastor Chadwick and his wife, was from Texas. Another pastor’s wife and her daughter, the Smiths who were also from Texas, came and helped with the younger children. The preaching was helpful and relevant. It was a little strange to be in the split sessions with Bubba for the first time, but what a blessing it is that my little boy is no longer a little boy but a fine young man who is looking forward to starting community college in February.

We are pleased to inform everyone that we started a brand-new church on October 18 in the town of Warragul, Victoria. Calvary Baptist Church of Warragul, has had an average of 19 in attendance for the last three weeks. God has allowed us to rent a community-college facility, and they have been very helpful with our needs as far as service times. One of the biggest thrills of the new building is that I am able to have an office throughout the week and don’t have to work out of the house anymore. It is such a blessing to be able to have quiet time, reading and studying and listening to the Lord. We are thanking God that we had three churches help us financially with the startup of the new church. Only two of them even knew about it. Isn’t God good!

One of the nice things about Warragul is that we are very well received when out letter boxing or door knocking. Just last Saturday I was able to win a 28-year-old man to Christ at his home. His name is Gerrod, and he has a six-year-old daughter named Bianca. We are working diligently to get him in church and baptized. We are also trying to find a home in Warragul and move, once again, in June, as it is a 55-minute drive from where we live now. Please pray for us to be able to move in the next six months.


We had previously planned to have a missions conference at Anchor Baptist Church, so what we did was have the missionaries also come down and preach for us at Calvary. It was a wonderful day with a missionary to Vanuatu, Jeremy Pinero, in the morning and missionary to New Zealand, Nick Watt, who is a very good friend of mine from college, in the evening. He has been pastoring in New Zealand at Pastor Mark Bosje’s former work. If anyone is looking for a missionary to support in New Zealand, a needy country, please consider Bro. Nick; he is also with FBMI.


Please pray for our daughter Suzy and her husband Andrew Emke, as they are expecting our first grandbaby. Please pray for more souls to be saved, for the church to grow, and for God’s will in our lives. Also pray for travel mercies with all the driving.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia