Ron Back Prayer Letter:  Annual Stock-Take ProgramGod is so good! Winter is over, and we just found out that there was less sunshine this winter than there was in the last 40 years. Plus it has been the wettest it’s been in the last 20 years. When we were on deputation, I teased with pastors about going to paradise—we are still waiting!

In June we had our annual Stock-Take Program. That means tax time here in Australia. Week 1 was Bible reading, from Genesis to wherever you could get in a week. The winner received a book on the attributes of God and a 400th King James Bible Anniversary lapel pin. The first and second runners up also received pins. Week 2 was soul winning, giving the Gospel the most times in a week. The winner received a New Testament and a lapel pin. The third week ended with bringing visitors to church for our “Souper” Sunday meal on the grounds. The winner received a new leather-bound King James Bible.

Also on “Souper” Sunday, I was able to baptize a man named Mark. He lives in the small town of Drouin, which is 35 miles or a 45-minute drive from church. He has expressed that he would love to see a church started in Warragul, which is near him.

Family Camp is almost upon us, and we are very excited that we are going to have visitors from America and Tasmania. We have been spending a lot of time planning and are praying for good weather for activities. Our goal is to see church families blossom and grow spiritually as family units. It seems like the number-one area here in Australia that Satan is attacking is the family. So far, gay marriage is still illegal—praise the Lord—but for how long, we don’t know. As a preacher of the Gospel, I feel we need to focus our preaching on the family and serving Christ. Soul winning here is equally important! We are one of the few churches in the state of Victoria that still goes door to door.

Speaking of families, the Russel Blanchard family just had a new baby! His name is Jacob Hunter Blanchard, born August 31. Mother and baby are doing very well. Please pray for the Blanchard family, for our weather (especially on church-wide soul-winning days), for more souls to be saved and baptized, and for more churches to be started here in Australia. Please also pray for our dear friend, Richard Lee, of Michigan who is in his 80s and has been diagnosed with and is in stage 4 of a very rare form of cancer.  He is not asking for God to heal him but to use his testimony to bring others to Christ.

Thank you so much for your support.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia