Ron and Laura Back Prayer Letter: Outreach OpportunitiesGod is so good! This year is off to a quick start. I would first like to thank so many of you for the generous Christmas gifts you gave us. We truly appreciate each and every one of you for your prayer and financial support. I hope everyone’s year is looking up. Our son Ron Jr. has officially asked Laura Sampson-James to marry him. We are looking at May 21 this year as a hard date for the wedding. I am so excited that they have asked me to perform the ceremony. They were able to come to their first Valentine’s Banquet at the church because they met the requirements of either being married or engaged with a wedding date.

I have been discipling Rob and Kourtney, a young couple that received Christ as their Saviour at the food bank. We started in Romans 1, and their eyes were opened to how God views sin at the end of the chapter. I was able to get them to submit to believer’s baptism; and, praise the Lord, they were baptized on February 20. Please pray for this young couple, as they are excited about the things of the Lord and are now talking about getting married.

A few weeks ago, I was out canvassing in the town of Warragul where we used to live. It’s funny how Satan will work on your heart and mind about how you’re not making an impact or changing any lives, especially when you don’t see very much, as far as people receiving the Gospel witness or literature. But the Lord sent me a gold nugget to latch onto when a man out exercising not only took a tract from me but thanked me for it and started reading it as he was walking down the footpath. The Lord reminded me that witnessing for Him is not in vain if I am truly doing it for Him.

We made contact with some men trying to win Farsi-speaking people to Christ in Dandenong. Please pray for me, as I am trying to figure out their doctrinal stand to see if I am able to help them get the Gospel to a mostly ignored community. Another answer to prayer is that I have been in contact with a man named Gerard about an opportunity, hopefully, to start a soul-winning ministry in the local prison.

We are praying for all of you, especially with the current situation with Russia and Europe. We are also praying for the U.S. economy. Here in Australia, fuel prices are at $1.79 per liter, and they are projecting the price to go well above $2.00. A gallon of gasoline is 3.78 liters, which will put us at or above $8.00 per gallon. We need your prayers because it is becoming very costly to travel from town to town and spread the Gospel here. We are also concerned about the Australian economy collapsing because of fuel pricing and inflation. Please pray for souls to be saved and ministries to be started. Thank you.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia