Ron and Laura Back Prayer Letter: Off to an Amazing Start!God is so good! I can’t believe how fast time is flying. It seems like just yesterday that we were having Laura’s birthday. Thank you so much to many of you for sending cards. It is such a blessing to receive a letter or card here on the field. We also appreciate all the prayers that are prayed for us and the ministry here. We continue to ask for prayer for Rob and Kourtney, as he has been incarcerated. I am trying to be able to see him in the prison. It is amazing how Satan kicks when people try to do right. We are also having quite a bit of sickness going through the church. We are heading into winter, where it is cold and wet, and everyone’s immune systems seem to be weak.

We are praising the Lord for 3 young people who were recently baptized. Their family has been attending our church for almost 6 years. That makes 6 of the family of 11. This year is off to an amazing start! Over the last few months, we have had several visitors. On a Wednesday night, we had 8 young men from Fiji, who are here for agricultural work, attend and enjoy the service. We had a wonderful Easter service. We were able to create a bookmark with all the church children on it. I remember so fondly years ago when Pastor Carns would give out Easter Bible bookmarks at Open Bible Baptist Church. We missed it so much. We have tried to do it here, and the people seem to appreciate something from our church that is a special gift.

I went soul winning at the Dandenong Train Station recently, and I met two men who were street preaching. They seemed like they genuinely had a burden for souls. At first, I thought maybe I could help these guys get into a good church because they said they could not find a decent church, and then I realized that while one of the men was preaching, he was preaching against the church. The bloke told me that there are no good churches in Australia, and there won’t be any more until Christ returns. I told him that he was hurting the cause of Christ more than anything else because he had no credibility preaching Christ and tearing down the greatest thing Christ gave Himself for. I asked him how people were supposed to grow in the Lord and become true disciples of Christ if there is no church. I had to separate myself from these men.

Everything we do here is for Christ and for the church’s edification. We are trying to start a new church in Sale. Please pray for us as we endeavor to do more before Christ returns.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia