Ron and Laura Back Prayer Letter: Going Soul Winning with National PastorsGod is so good! I am happy to report that the Prison Ministry training and the first police check are all good. Now we are currently waiting for the Fulham Correctional Center in Sale, Victoria, to finish their side of another police check and for the induction classes to commence. Please continue to pray. I would love to be in the prison in the next few months. This is the most progress we have made in many years of trying to get into the prisons here, and I am so excited.

Regarding Marty, right after we sent out our last letter, we were so thrilled to see the Lord bring Marty to church! I am a little perplexed, however, because she said she loved the service, but we have not been able to get her back. The wonderful thing is that she made a strong connection with a senior-saint couple in the church. Please pray for the Lord to continue to work in her heart.

I have been trying to go out soul winning with national pastors and other missionaries more often. Recently, I was able to go out with an Australian pastor by the name of Peter Popovich, who has a work in Bairnsdale, two hours from us. Their church is running about 35. He was excited that I came down, and we went out for three hours. While out, we met an Islander (Tori Straight Islands) lady named Dawn. She told us that she went to church all the way over in Hallam, Victoria, which is near where Missionary Rijn Abrell has a work. I looked at her in shock, because it is more than a four-hour drive from where she lives. She admitted that they didn’t go very often but watched on livestream. I asked her if she had assurance of where she would spent eternity, and she could not answer. As I shared with her the need for a Saviour to save us from our sins, she started getting very emotional—I believe the Holy Spirit was working on her—and then she asked us to leave. Please pray for Dawn’s salvation. We also met a fellow named Rob, and I just want to praise the Lord that Rob trusted the Lord as his Saviour eighteen months ago. We visited with him for over a half-hour, and he is a good prospect for baptism and church membership for Bro. Popovich.

Please continue to pray for us a vehicle. We have had several churches contribute, and we are at about $6,000. Please also pray for souls to be saved and baptized. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia